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God We Praise You In E-Flat


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Okay, time to tell tales on my good friend Aaroneous. (Don’t know why I was remembering this just now, but here we go…)

He and I were on a worship team together some time ago, and we were playing some new song for the first time in church. (Don’t ask me what song, I don’t remember now.) Not only were we having to concentrate on the song because it was new, but it was also in E-flat, a key we almost never played in. I was leading from the piano, and Aaroneous was behind me playing bass and doing BGVs (that’s “background vocals”, for you not-in-the-know, non-musical types). 🙂

Anyhow, as we ended the song, we went into one of these charismatic free-worship moments where we play a chord progression and people just sing their own spontaneous songs to the Lord. And because the song we’d just played was in E-flat, the chord progression was in… E-flat (which we almost never played in). So even though we were being all worshipy, we were having to concentrate harder on our playing, because of playing in E-flat and all.

All of a sudden, I hear Aaroneous crack up laughing at himself. And when we finished with the worship segment, he told me why….

He was trying to sing to the Lord and play in E-flat at the same time (a key we almost never played in), and he was concentrating so hard on playing the right notes that the song that spontaneously flowed from his worshiping lips was:

“God, we praise You in E-flat!”

Now, that’s REAL worship, folks.

I don’t think we ever did that song again. Probably wouldn’t have been able to sing it with a straight face.

Have any funny worship moments to share?


The Blog Roll Is Back!–and Other Bloggy Stuff


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Hey, everyone…

If you check the left column of the page, you’ll see that my Blog Roll has returned, with a few updates. I’m trying Blogger’s new version of the Blog Roll (I was using an external program before). I’ve updated the Blog Roll from some of the blogs in my reader, and there are some new ones on the list; yours might even be there! If you were on the Blog Roll before and somehow I missed you, let me know so I can update the list. (If for some reason you don’t want your blog to be listed, let me know that, too.)

You’ll notice a couple of other changes with the Blog Roll, too:

  1. There is a direct link to the most recent post on each blog; and
  2. I’ve set the list to sort by “most recently updated”–which means every time you post on your blog, you are put at the top of the list! So if you want to stay near the top–keep posting. 🙂
I’ve noticed this little symbol appearing now on my Blogger dashboard:

“Followers?” Seriously? I have “followers” now?? Dang, no pressure.

Apparently, Blogger has added a new “followers” feature, where users can publicly follow your blog, and you can follow others–your profile picture shows up and everything. You can even put a widget on your blog to show how many “followers” you have. And you can have the blogs you’re following listed on your Blogger Dashboard page and read them right there.

I’m not sure what to think of this yet. It seems kind of redundant when we already have “subscribers”; this is basically the function of RSS feeds and readers. Plus, I don’t know if it works for other people who don’t use Blogger to host their blogs–it looks like it’s just within Blogger itself. The whole picture and instant access thing is kind of cool, though. I dunno; I’m in wait-and-see mode about it. I just thought it was interesting that Blogger is trying this.

Finally…I’ve had several good comments about the new layout I’m using here, but I wouldn’t get too cozy with it, if I were you. For me, I’m already a bit tired of the green theme, and there are other limitations about it that I don’t like. I tried one or two others, but things kinda got messed up, and it took me some time to reset all this–one of the reasons the Blog Roll was missing for awhile. But I’m probably going to try some other layouts in the near future.

Happy Monday!


It’s Fun! It’s Free! And It Will Help Us!


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Hey, everyone…do The Wild One and me a favor…

Look at the picture of our dog Jordy below! (If you’re viewing this in a reader, you’ll probably need to click through to see it!)

Cute, isn’t he?

This photo is entered in a “pampered pets” contest! If you like the picture, click on the link and vote for Jordy!

And you can keep voting, too! Once every 8 hours, if you like! There’s a hyperlink posted in the right sidebar of this blog under “Vote For Jordy!” Until the contest ends, this link will be on this page! Click the link and vote!


If Yoda Preached a Sermon


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Pastor ____, you I thank, that invited me here today, you have.

Brief my message will be today. When 900 years old you reach, preach as long, you will not. Hm? (audience laughter)

John 3:16 (paraphrase, I will) says… “For so loved the world did God, that His only son begotten He gave, that those who believeth on Him, perish should not, but everlasting life should have.”

Everlasting life–seems something I should know about, hm? (audience laughter)

But seriously…did my third movie anyone see? Watch, and you shall know that forever, not even Yoda can live. Prepared, are you, for that day? For beyond death?

The force I use. Rocks and things I can move with it. Even a spaceship once rescued I from the muck. (Did my second movie anyone see?) And yet…I know that in me this strength lies not. A mere puppet am I. And sometimes CGI. (audience laughter) So from whence cometh my strength? As on a bumper sticker once I read–“Jesus Is the Source of the Force.” (applause)

This same Jesus, your source and strength He is, whether or not recognize it you do. And yours is everlasting life also, in Him–if only believe, you will. (applause)

But a leap faith is–a decision. Not something you try. Perhaps best I can put it with this Powerpoint chart:


Hidden Treasure


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Anyone heard of Charlie Peacock?

If you have listened to Christian music in the past 20 years, you may not have heard of him, but you’ve felt his influence. He is a true musical veteran–an artist, singer, songwriter, and producer in Nashville.

Ever hear the dcTalk song “In the Light?” Charlie wrote it. In fact, he recorded it first, several years earlier; dcTalk only covered it. And Charlie’s produced numerous artists that you probably have heard of.

I’m MySpace friends with Charlie, and the other day I got a message that he was doing an impromptu gig in Oklahoma City. So The Director and I got in the car and drove there.

Turns out Charlie was teaching a class at a local college the following day, and he decided he’d rather play some music than sit around bored in his hotel room. So his hosts arranged to have him set up and play…in Starbucks.

To me, it was one of those rare and almost magical moments that most people miss. There, sitting five feet in front of me, was one of the most seasoned veterans in the music industry, sitting at a keyboard, no band behind him…playing his songs for the sheer fun of it. For free. In Starbucks.

So I listened while the guy who wrote “In the Light” played it, down-tempo, on a solo keyboard, with a little bit of improv thrown in. He actually played it again at the end, by request, and it sounded totally different than the first time. I was like, “Coooooool.” 🙂

Man, I figured the place would be packed. It wasn’t. Only a handful of people gathered around. Nobody knew about it because it hadn’t been scheduled. There were people sitting outside studying the Bible, not even aware of who was performing inside. I was sitting there looking at them thinking, Don’t you know who’s playing inside this Starbucks?? It’s CHARLIE PEACOCK!!

(Okay…so maybe studying the Bible is more important.)

This wasn’t like a Charlie Peacock: The Starbucks Tour or anything. This was impromptu, happenstance. I felt like I’d been given a rare privilege in just happening to get the information in time. He didn’t “rock the house”; it was a regular coffee house type gig, except you could tell he knew what he was doing on that thing. It was good music, performed by a guy who obviously hasn’t let the music industry crap rob him of his love for playing and performing–and a guy who obviously still isn’t above playing anywhere he has a chance. I knew, even if no one else in the room did…someone with those credentials doesn’t spend an evening playing in Starbucks unless he loves what he does. And that’s what made it such a hidden treasure.

Oh…and I also shook his hand, introduced myself and The Director, thanked him for playing, got an autographed CD…and handed him a demo.


Chasing Gustav


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Earlier this week, millions of Americans got into vehicles and fled from Hurricane Gustav.

Today…three wackos got in their car and drove into Gustav.
Okay, so Gustav is no longer a hurricane, and I’m so thankful it wasn’t as bad as it could have been (though people are still suffering from it). Today, it is just a big mass of “itty-bitty stinging rain” (a-la Forrest Gump) with some annoying wind behind it, now spinning in our neighborhood.
The Wild One has been wanting “rain pictures”, and what better rain event than a former hurricane? So she had been planning for Gustav for days. And last night, Gustav came to our doorstep…and kind of stayed there. By noon today, we still weren’t getting any “real” rain…while just a couple dozen miles or so to the southeast, they were getting soaked.
What would you do? (If you reeaally wanted “rain pictures”, that is?) Since Gustav wasn’t quite coming to us…we went to Gustav.
We drove to a nearby town, stood in the rain with ponchos and an umbrella, and took pictures like these…
And then…Gustav followed us home. (It’s pouring outside this evening.)


Results: Honorable Mentions from the Word Verification Game


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And now, the post you’ve all been waiting for…

…the post you’ve been anticipating more than the Obama VP text message…

The Honorable-Mentions-from-the-Word-Verification-Game Post!

Thanks to all who participated. We got a lot of laughs out of this. You all did great, but as promised…three get honorable mentions as my faves.

Michael for his creative interpretation of “cksoka”:
“Church Kills Sinners Over Karaoke Audition”

KarenKool for her treatment of “unphsfei”:
Unsophisticated Neanderthals Perform Human Sacrifices For Empty Idols

Tysdaddy for his amazing decoding of “echezc”:
“Episcopalian Christians Hate EZ Cheese!”


A Totally Weird, Random, Off-the-Wall, Fun Blogging Game


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I have an idea. Let’s play a game, boys and girls.
(I know you can’t see me, but I’m wearing my Mr. Rogers “It’s Good In the Hood” t-shirt today.)

Here’s how the game goes:

  1. Click to leave a comment.
  2. In the comment box, type the “word verification” thing that Blogger gives you.
  3. Then, in the comments, try to turn the word verification thing into an acronym. (It can be a made-up slogan, a made-up business or organization name, whatev. Just try to make it work.)

Here’s an example:


An Interview With Myself on the Occasion of My Two Hundredth Post


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Q: Jeff, it’s a real privilege to interview you. I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since you started it.
A: Thanks, Jeff. Great to talk to you, too. I mean, we’ve had lots of conversations in private, but I’m glad we finally get to speak publicly.

Q: So…this is your 200th blog post. How do you feel?
A: Pretty awesome, actually. Two hundred is one of my top ten all-time favorite numbers.

Q: Why?
A: No reason. Just a random number.

Q: Do you have a particular favorite blog post?
A: Jeff, it’s so hard to choose. These blog postings are like my 200 children, you know? How do you pick a favorite?

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