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Thanks Again to the Mexicans

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As some of you may already realize, every year on my birthday, for some unknown, cosmic reason, Mexican people take to the streets for parades and dancing.

They did this on the day I was born, and apparently every year since. It has become something of a tradition.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out the cause for this phenomenon. To my knowledge, I am not Hispanic, and no oracle has ever declared me to be “El Uno.” But as I’ve said before, when life gives you a gift, you don’t ask why; you just embrace it.


Not that All I Have To Talk About is the Weather in Denver, But…

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…can I just say this much?

I have never in my life seen so many rainbows in such a short period of time.

Living in the southern plains, I think maybe I’ve seen a rainbow once every couple of years. I’ve seen probably around 10 rainbows here just this summer. This interesting Denver weather.

Here’s the thing; afternoon heating in the summer makes storm clouds form over the mountains and head east. It usually means an occasional bit of rain for us, not much, but some. (The storms pick up steam (literally) as they hit the plains, so we see some pretty massive thunderheads east and south of here, but that’s another blog post.)

But when the rain passes over here and heads east, it’s usually close to sunset, and the sun breaks out behind the clouds over the mountains, lighting up the rain storm that just passed over.

And there’s your rainbow. Usually at the same time of day (early evening), and always in the same spot.

I’m sure you’re yawning, especially if you live in the rainforest or tropics or something and see rainbows every day. But I find it totally fascinating.

The picture above isn’t of Denver; but I’ll try to catch a cellphone pic of the next rainbow I see.


Sunday Morning Blogging–or, a Much-Needed Break


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This Sunday morning, I’m taking a much-needed break from leading the worship for the congregation I’m helping out.

No, I didn’t get fired for the sermon I preached. I was just kidding about that. (That actually went quite well, by the way.) This vacation of sorts was already on the schedule. 🙂

So I’m here doing one of my very favorite things to do on a Sunday morning. I’m blogging at my favorite coffee shop. 🙂

I used to blog every Sunday morning, when we were doing the house church thing. I had that luxury back then, because a) the gathering was at my house, so there was nothing to do but roll out of bed; b) the gathering didn’t start until 10:30, so I had time to go to the coffee shop; and c) I was the pastor, so I could set the time whenever I wanted. 😀
Not blogging on Sunday mornings was probably the hardest adjustment I had to make when I accepted this responsibility–even more than having to load up my gear and drive someplace. The meeting doesn’t start until 10am, but we have to start setting up for it at 8–and I’m just not crazy enough to blog at 5 in the morning on a regular basis. The coffee shop isn’t open then, anyhow. It’s hard to describe, but blogging took the place of what I used to consider my “quiet time”. When I relaxed the religious duties and started being a bit more organic about prayer and study, this blogging time became my place of reflection and processing my thoughts. It became my sanctuary. Ironically, I’ve had to give it up to be somewhere in time for church. 🙂 For the first few weeks I tried to squeeze blogging in before 8am, and wound up rushing around and being all late and bad-attitudish, so I eventually got the point and laid it down. Strange that I consider this to be my greatest sacrifice in doing this. I got used to my new routine eventually, but I still miss Sunday morning blogging.

So this weekend I have vacation, and I’m doing my favorite Sunday morning thing. And what am I blogging about?


Give me a break. I’m a little out of practice.


No Matter What Science Now Says, In My Heart Pluto Will Always Be a Planet


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When I was in third grade, I wrote an essay about the solar system. In it, I imagined I had a special space ship that let me travel to all the planets one by one and describe them. Pluto was most definitely on the list.

I’d tell you what Pluto was like, but I guess it doesn’t matter now, because a couple of years ago a group of scientist eggheads who think they know better decided Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore. Now Pluto is just considered one of several “dwarf planets” in what we now call the Kuiper Belt, a group of objects flying around out past Neptune. Pluto is just one of the larger objects.

The thing is, Pluto didn’t do anything to deserve this demotion; it’s just that the rules of what qualifies something as a “planet” have been changed without Pluto having any say about it–and now Pluto no longer qualifies. Never mind the fact that the poor thing has to travel farther than any other planet just to make it around the sun one time–I mean, doesn’t that count for something? The last time Pluto was at this point around the sun, America was still a bunch of colonies, and we didn’t even know Pluto existed. And now, a bunch of us humans whose great-great grandparents weren’t even born during this Pluto-year have taken it upon ourselves to vote Pluto out of planetary status. How utterly arrogant of us.

If a planet’s complete orbit is a year, then I’ve been alive for about two Pluto-months. Yet for all two of those months, in mind Pluto has been a planet. I don’t care what some uppity scientists have to say; in my heart Pluto is still a planet, and will always be a planet. I know, because I was there. I visited Pluto in the third grade. This solar system has nine planets, dangit. And Pluto is one of them. Call me a loyalist.

I know I’m not the only Pluto-ite out there. Lots of us simply refuse to accept Pluto’s planetary demotion, even though since we first found out about Pluto, we’ve discovered a lot of evidence to support that it really is more like part of a collective of smaller objects. Yeah, it orbits the sun just like all the other planets–but so do a lot of other little things out there that don’t get to be planets just because we can’t see them. But the fact is, Pluto has been a planet all our lives, and we aren’t about to change now.

So despite what those arrogant scientists think, in the eyes of some, Pluto will always be a planet–just like people continued to believe the world was flat after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Just like people continued to believe the sun revolved around the earth when Copernicus first alerted us that we were actually the ones doing the revolving.

Just like there are people today who still believe the church is a building, that Jesus started a new religion (and has white skin and blue eyes), and that God is a Republican, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary on all counts. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what the evidence suggests. We decide what we believe.

So that’s that. Pluto is a planet. Phooey on the scientists.


Lord, Help Us All


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[Tongue-in-cheek alert]

So some of you will remember that since September, I’ve been helping out some friends of mine with worship music at a church plant they are doing. Which means I have spent the past several months back in a more traditional church setting. It’s surprising that I was actually invited to do this, because I let these guys know up front where I stood on certain issues, but they agreed to take me as they found me. They also believe in our desire to see an out-of-the-box missional creative thing happen here, and I believe they’re sincere in wanting to be part of that process.


If I Had a Video-Cam Thing I Could Have Posted This On Failblog…

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…but since I didn’t have one, I’ll just tell you what happened.

I was in line at the grocery store the other day. The guy in front of me was probably in his ’80s, driving one of those sit-down electric shopping carts. It was obvious that he was having problems. He moved very slowly; he would stand up (sort of) to do something, maybe to help put his sacked groceries back in the cart, or point something out to the cashier. I say “sort of” because it was impossible for him to stand up straight; in fact, standing up for him meant being doubled over in half, so he looked like the letter “L” set on its end. He’d sit back down a moment, then get back up. It took the poor guy about five minutes to do anything.

When his groceries were all scanned and sacked, the man slowly (sort of) stood up and started fumbling in his back pocket for his wallet.

As he did so, the cashier, running mindlessly through her spiel, asked the crippled, doubled-over old man if he wanted to add on a donation to help people with disabilities.


Me Do Another Man Thing


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Remember wwwaaay back when I do post about how me do man thing?

Me do another one! Me do another man thing.

Me replace broken tail light bulb on car, all by self.

Yep. All by self.

I know.

Me shocked, too. Me and car know nothing about each other. Me only know long pedal make car go, wide one make it stop. Different knobs do different things. Me still figuring it all out.

When stranger-friend drove up next to me other day and say, “Brake light is out,” me about panicked. There are lights on back there??? me wondered.

So me go to store where they sell pieces of cars. Me tell greasy man problem. He ask questions about car me don’t know. Then gets me car-piece I need and makes me pay money for it.

Me pull into apartment parking lot, look at book that tell about car. Me open trunk, yank out liner by sheer force and muscle. AAARRRGGHH…

Stop that drooling, ladies. Me happily married.

Me disconnect wires so don’t get killed touching light. Me unscrew three thingys, pull out big red thing from back of car, turn a thingamajjig, pop out old bulb, pop in new one. Do all things over again in reverse to put car back. (Except the AARRRGGH part. Left that out when putting car back. Last time when said AARRRGGH, kid walking by with dog look pretty frightened.)

Me did man thing! And me had dirty hands to prove. Me so proud, went inside to tell Wild-One lady-wife about man thing me do.

This time she not cooking. This time she impressed. 🙂

So now what me doing after big man thing?

Me cooking dinner. 🙂
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