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Me Do Another Man Thing


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Remember wwwaaay back when I do post about how me do man thing?

Me do another one! Me do another man thing.

Me replace broken tail light bulb on car, all by self.

Yep. All by self.

I know.

Me shocked, too. Me and car know nothing about each other. Me only know long pedal make car go, wide one make it stop. Different knobs do different things. Me still figuring it all out.

When stranger-friend drove up next to me other day and say, “Brake light is out,” me about panicked. There are lights on back there??? me wondered.

So me go to store where they sell pieces of cars. Me tell greasy man problem. He ask questions about car me don’t know. Then gets me car-piece I need and makes me pay money for it.

Me pull into apartment parking lot, look at book that tell about car. Me open trunk, yank out liner by sheer force and muscle. AAARRRGGHH…

Stop that drooling, ladies. Me happily married.

Me disconnect wires so don’t get killed touching light. Me unscrew three thingys, pull out big red thing from back of car, turn a thingamajjig, pop out old bulb, pop in new one. Do all things over again in reverse to put car back. (Except the AARRRGGH part. Left that out when putting car back. Last time when said AARRRGGH, kid walking by with dog look pretty frightened.)

Me did man thing! And me had dirty hands to prove. Me so proud, went inside to tell Wild-One lady-wife about man thing me do.

This time she not cooking. This time she impressed. 🙂

So now what me doing after big man thing?

Me cooking dinner. 🙂

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  1. Paul Wilkinson (Thinking Out Loud)

    I've lost my sanctification so many times in similar situations. The bulbs should be sold with a warning: "Do not attempt." My hands ended up greasy AND bleeding.

    The worst part was having to call my wife for help.

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