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Post from the Past: Superhero Christianity

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In preparation for a much-needed vacation, I won’t be posting here for a few weeks. But I thought it would be cool to dig up a few “posts from the past”–some posts from my earlier blogging days that have been buried deep in the archives. This original post “Superhero Christianity” goes back to the very first month of this here blog: January 2008. I’ll be back with some fresh posts after Labor Day. –WS


The Big 1-0-0


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Woot woot! This is my 100th post!!!

Since starting this blog around the end of last year, I have made some great new online friends from literally all over the globe, and I’ve even been able to reconnect with some old(er) friends. And I have been privileged to join a huge ongoing conversation about finding fresh expressions of authentic faith in Christ–and I’ve learned a great deal from the interaction.

In an act of pure self-indulgence and narcissism…to commemmorrate this mmmommmentus occasion… {Cue tympani}

…here are some links to some of the more significant moments along the journey so far.


Check Out These Amazingly Awesome Photos from the GodConversation and Just Try and Tell Me They Are Not Amazingly Awesome Photos


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These are just a few pics from “GodConversation: a worship experience”–a worship event we did on Janurary 25. Thanks to R.J. Butefish for taking these amazingly awesome photos.
“The band”
Vince–bass, BGV
Kyle–acoustic guitar
Josh–electric guitar
Jeff–keys and lead vocals

My son, “The Director”–a.k.a. “Wall of Sound”, on electric guitar…

“Vince-sanity”–Bass and BGVs

Andrea dances to Switchfoot’s “On Fire”

Is this a cool rock & roll photo, or what??
Thanks to everyone who made this event so special. For more about this, you can go to and see what we’re up to.