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As I’ve probably alluded to or mentioned a few times in the course of this blog…my family has been in a place of transition, seeking God for some direction as to what we are to do in this next season.

We’ve led a house church for 8 years now. God has taught us so much in the process, and we’re still learning. The house church we have doesn’t look anything like what we started with–and I don’t just mean different people. (Some have moved on, some new faces have come, and some have been with us the entire way.) I mean we function differently than we did when we started. The tone and flavor, our collective personality, and the things we think are important–all of that has been transformed over time, so that just as I mentioned here that I barely recognize myself from the effects of this journey, the same is true for the group I lead.


Questions About House Churches


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In participating in Glenn’s synchroblog a couple of days ago, Tera Rose left a comment on my post sharing a negative experience she’d had in trying to do a home fellowship, and asked some excellent questions about house church. They were so good that I felt it was worth writing a post to respond to her. Below is an excerpt of what she wrote: