As I’ve probably alluded to or mentioned a few times in the course of this blog…my family has been in a place of transition, seeking God for some direction as to what we are to do in this next season.

We’ve led a house church for 8 years now. God has taught us so much in the process, and we’re still learning. The house church we have doesn’t look anything like what we started with–and I don’t just mean different people. (Some have moved on, some new faces have come, and some have been with us the entire way.) I mean we function differently than we did when we started. The tone and flavor, our collective personality, and the things we think are important–all of that has been transformed over time, so that just as I mentioned here that I barely recognize myself from the effects of this journey, the same is true for the group I lead.

In addition to the house church, we’ve spent a lot of time and energy reaching out to our greater community in various ways. And these are among the things that we feel God is changing–not whether we reach out, but in how we reach out. But one thing seems fairly certain amid all this uncertainty: whatever else we do, we believe the expression of house church will remain at the core of how we gather together. House church doesn’t necessarily define our life “ministry”, but it is the form of gathering that we feel best fits us, and something we certainly have the experience to speak to. And because of this, we feel like part of the next step for us is to begin to support and encourage others who are moving in a similar direction.

As I’ve developed relationships through interacting on this blog, I’ve noticed that among others, there are a number of regular readers who either are currently involved in some form of home gathering or are considering starting a house church. This dynamic is something we are definitely familiar with and feel we can support and encourage.

So if you are one of these folks–if you are either meeting organically or thinking of starting some form of home group–I want to invite you to contact me by email and share your story and desires. There might be some way for us to encourage you on your journey, and it would be our privilege to seek the Lord with you.

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