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What’s Going On With the Music and Stuff

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In light of the last few posts, I figure I should fill you in a little on what’s going on with the music and stuff.

When we first arrived in Denver, I was little more than an empty shell, creatively speaking. Mainly, my focus was on establishing some sort of financial base for us to survive on, which is what drew me into freelance writing. Meanwhile, The Wild One began to blossom almost immediately; her creativity in photography began opening doors for her, eventually leading her into oil painting. It’s taken a little more time for The Director, but he’s now connected with some filmmakers and is actively pursuing his dream.


Here’s to Not Sucking Nearly as Much


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Just a progress report…since I wrote this post last week, I have not missed a day practicing the guitar.

In just five days of playing consistently, I suck less at guitar than I did before.

Plus, my callouses are coming back.

I know this because there is pain in the fingertips of my left hand as I type this.


A Woman’s Voice

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Pam’s post on Communitas today reminded me of this song by Patty Griffin, which I recently heard and which captivated me immediately. It’s not a Christmas song, not even a “Christian” song–but the very human depiction of Mary in this song speaks volumes to me about the struggles and sacrifices of so many women, and does so in ways that words alone cannot.

“Mary” by Patty Griffin

Mary, you’re covered in roses
You’re covered in ashes, you’re covered in rain
You’re covered in babies, covered in slashes
Covered in wilderness, covered in stains


My Changing Views on Worship


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So lately I’ve had worship on my mind, and have been observing a shift in my thinking about worship in the past couple of years. Seems I did some of this before, in a blog series called Re-Thinking Worship. But I’d like to revisit this from a different angle, less from just tossing around ideas, and more about how those ideas are reshaping my whole approach and belief system about it–sort of comparing how I used to see it, and how I see it now.


I Dig My Kid’s Music (or, Dude, Satellite Radio Rocks)


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So this week, I took my car into the dealer for some maintenance work. Due to delays, they ended up keeping it three days. So they gave me a loaner car.

The loaner was a white Chrysler PT cruiser. I think PT crusiers sort of look like small, old-timey gangster cars. But when a PT cruiser is white, it looks more like a small, old-timey ambulance.


This PT cruiser was equipped with satellite radio. It was the first time I’d ever had satellite radio in a car. It wasn’t until I got to listening to that satellite radio that I realized just how crappy our local radio stations are.


Rockstars, Church, Performers and Authenticity


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I was meaning to bring this up on its own, but since it works as a point of introduction for this post…I have been asked to be a regular contributor to the site I told you about the other day, Communitas Collective. I will be posting every other week to the “Survivor” blog, the “recovering church leaders” part of the site. My first post is already in the cue for Friday, although by coming into the mix at the last minute, I don’t feel like I’m quite in sync yet with the cool blogger vibe over there (be patient, guys, I’ll find the beat!). But anywhoo…I count it a great privilege to be participating with CC, and look forward to what is happening over there.


Does Anyone Really Know What This Guy Is Singing?


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Ever since the Black Crowes came out with this years ago and I’d hear it on the radio, I’d strain to figure out just WHAT that lyric was at the end of the chorus. I never was able to figure it out.

I’m not talking about the whole song–the rock music tends to overshadow the lyric anyhow. (Not that that’s bad, or anything.) 🙂

No, I mean the part where the music STOPS and it’s just him singing.

You know…the part where he sounds kind of like an auctioneer. What the heck is he saying??


For Your Enjoyment…U2 Does Letterman’s Top Ten (and They Sing and Play Pretty Well, Also)


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What an awesome fun thing it was to watch U2 perform all week on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” (The new album is great, too!) They wouldn’t allow embdding of YouTube clips of the performances earlier this week, but now they are apparently available.

Couldn’t resist this one…U2 does the Top Ten List. Pay special attention to The Edge on Number 5…

Here’s the classic “Beautiful Day” from Night 4. Watch toward the end; with one surprise gesture Bono gets the whole crowd standing and shouting.

…Aaand, the hit single “Get On Your Boots” from Night 5.

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