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Does Anyone Really Know What This Guy Is Singing?


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Ever since the Black Crowes came out with this years ago and I’d hear it on the radio, I’d strain to figure out just WHAT that lyric was at the end of the chorus. I never was able to figure it out.

I’m not talking about the whole song–the rock music tends to overshadow the lyric anyhow. (Not that that’s bad, or anything.) 🙂

No, I mean the part where the music STOPS and it’s just him singing.

You know…the part where he sounds kind of like an auctioneer. What the heck is he saying??

It sounds like, “Hey, pretty thing, let me light your candle, ’cause….” and that’s where I get lost.

Listen for yourself…see if you can figure it out.

And no cheating by looking up the lyrics on the Interweb. They are probably wrong, anyway.

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6 Responses to Does Anyone Really Know What This Guy Is Singing?

  1. jimgrey

    …cause a momma I’m too hard to handle now yes-a-ram.”

    That “yes-a-ram” part was the subject of intense debate at the radio station where I worked when the song was a hit. Nobody seems to know for sure what those three syllables are. This appears to be phonetically correct, however.

  2. Aaroneous

    …cause momma I’m sure hard to handle now, yes I am…


    …yes around…

    Sounds more like the second. The first makes more sense. After making my decision, I looked on the “Interweb” and found lyric sites with both. I’ve chosen to use the 1st one heretofore when kar-a-o-kee-ing.

  3. Jeff McQ

    The Interweb lyric site I looked at had it:

    “…cause momma I’m sure hard to handle now, gets around.”

    Like I said…they don’t know either. I’m not even sure the lead singer knows. 🙂

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