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My (Sort of) Brand-New Dinosaur


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Some of my readers might remember me talking about the dinosaur laptop I have used in blogging, and how the laptop seemed to be possessed by a phantom that would make the screen get snowy at times, and make a set of keys stop responding for no reason. I learned to placate the phantom by giving it a “massage”–i.e., tapping the bottom of the laptop to get the keys to work again.

As it turns out, appeasing a codependent computer-phantom only enables it, and soon it requires more than just a massage. Before long, I had to do more than tap the bottom. I had to spank it.

Keep your mind where it belongs…

I inherited the laptop from The Wild One when she got a Macbook. She was ready to put the old laptop out to pasture because it was running so slowly, but I figured if I could get an already-paid-for laptop to keep working, I could have my own laptop, too. And I did! I reformatted the hard drive and kept it from having too many programs on it, and it worked well for blogging. I kept that baby running for nearly 2 more years.

But then came the phantom that would not be appeased.


We Interrupt This Blog With an Important Notice for "Losing My Religion" Subscribers


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If you are currently subscribed to this blog, and reading posts in Google Reader or some other reader…you might want to click through to the actual blog page for the next few days. And you should click through on the title of the blog, not the name of the post.

The reason I say this is that apparently Google Reader is having some trouble updating the feeds, and I might have posted something new that you aren’t finding in the reader.


Considering Jumping Ship With This Here Blog


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So I’ve been blogging on Blogger for about six months now. The only other thing I’ve blogged upon (with?) is MySpace, so I don’t have too much to compare it to.

But I get a bit frustrated with Blogger because it seems clunky, and gets persnickety when you start to add fun stuff like bullet points and/or pictures. Also, it seems to be a bit limited when it comes to layouts and customizing.

So…if you use something other than Blogger (e.g., TypePad, WordPress, or something else), and you’re happy with it…now might be the time to convince me to switch!

So what about it? What blog service do you use, and what do you like about it? Would you recommend it to others?

(And if you use Blogger and are happy with it, speak up! Maybe you’ll convince me to stay!) 🙂