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Wonders In the Sky Above

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Well, it looks like here in Denver we’re about to get a taste of the massive heat wave plaguing the nation’s midsection. (Predicted high today: 99 Fahrenheit.) But for the past several days the thunderstorms hitting this area have produced a lot of drama–not just street flooding and stuff like that, but I mean drama in the sky.


So If You Want to Hear What I Sound Like When I Talk…

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…yesterday I was a guest on “The Collective Podcast” on Communitas Collective, a site where I’ve been plugged in as a contributing blogger for several years. You can go here to listen to the podcast. It’s about 45 minutes of audio, but if you can get past the boring banter at the beginning between Glenn and Eric, once they actually let me into the conversation, you’ll find I’m very interesting to listen to.

Joking aside–thanks, Glenn and Eric, for inviting me. It was a privilege.


Here’s to Not Sucking Nearly as Much


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Just a progress report…since I wrote this post last week, I have not missed a day practicing the guitar.

In just five days of playing consistently, I suck less at guitar than I did before.

Plus, my callouses are coming back.

I know this because there is pain in the fingertips of my left hand as I type this.


That Noise You Hear Is Me Thinking About Stuff


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I think about stuff. A lot. Don’t know if you’ve noticed that…

But if you have, what you probably don’t know is what it looks like–or sounds like–when I think intently about stuff. That’s because on this blog, you’re only reading the outcome of what I’ve been thinking about. You don’t get to see what actually goes on when the wheels are turning.

If I were looking at myself from the outside, I think it would be pretty funny to watch…because I have this tendency to completely forget where I am or who I am with when I’m thinking about stuff. Let me give an indication of some of the things that can happen/HAVE happened when I get lost in my thoughts. Here are the signs that I’m thinking intently about something:
  • Suddenly staring off into space while someone is talking, and missing the last half of what they said.
  • Staring into space in someone’s general direction, so it looks like I’m staring AT them (when actually it’s more like I’m staring THROUGH them–but it still freaks people out).
  • Furrowed eyebrows, wrinkled forehead, and a look that mildly resmbles being pissed off (even though I’m probably not).
  • Muttering to myself as I walk down the street.
  • Not hearing when someone says hello to me.
  • Any of several other embarrasing scenarios that either no one has told me about, or haven’t happened yet. (If you know of one I haven’t mentioned, kindly keep it to yourself for now.)
You especially want to be around me when I’m writing a song in my head. I do a lot of composing while I drive, or while walking from point A to point B. Once I forget I’m in public (which doesn’t take long), “songwriting mode” is typically accompanied by strange, rythmic, whispery, saliva-ey sounds emanating from my mouth. (In my head and inner ear, it sounds very much like drums; but I imagine it sounds way different to the outside world.)

Believe it or not, “songwriting mode” used to be a lot worse. I’ve written songs in my head for as long as I can remember, and as a kid, forgetting where I was usually involved singing whatever I was trying to write.

Out loud.

In public.

While walking.

I suppose when those kids started pointing at me and laughing, that should have given me a clue that I should have reserved “songwriting mode” for pacing in my bedroom, or the shower, or isolated fields miles from other members of the human race. Oh, well. Whatever.

So am I alone in my freak-ness? Or is anyone out there like me?


I’m Two Years Old–I Mean My Blog Is Two Years Old


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So I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to write, since I haven’t written an uber-profound post here in at least a few days…when all of a sudden, it occurs to me:

This is my blog’s two-year anniversary!

So that’s what I’m writing about. The blog is two years old today.

Isn’t that great?


Cards, congratulatory letters, and money can be sent to…well, tell you what. Just skip the cards and PayPal the money.

You think I’m kidding.

Okay. I’m kidding.

Unless you really want to send some money. Then I’ll take it. But only on account of I’m celebrating my blog being two years old.

Because it is. Two years old.


Dear God, If It Isn’t Any Trouble…Please Fix The Outdoor Thermostat. Thanks.


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I walked out the door this morning to the second coldest actual temperature I ever remember experiencing. Actual temp: -15 degrees F, windchill -26.

That’s -26 actual degrees Celsius, for my Australian peeps.

I have a blogger friend in Alaska who is probably laughing right now.

The coldest morning in my memory was in Cincinnati, Ohio, 20 years ago this winter. Actual temp: -20 degrees. I remember this specifically because the engine block in my car froze, and I didn’t know it until it started smoking and clunking and died on the freeway while I was trying to go take a test. Things aren’t that critical today. 🙂 I’ve probably been in colder weather, but I was too young to remember. I only remember as a kid living in Michigan that a few times my mom wouldn’t let me go outside and play in the snow because it was too cold, and I didn’t understand why.

Yeah, I know. There are some wise guys both north and south of me that think I shouldn’t complain, that think I asked for this in moving to Denver, and what did I expect? The northerners are going, “You think this is cold? You should have been there in the winter of 19__. Now THAT was cold!”

And the southerners are going, “Serves you right, traitor. Now where did I put that slightly heavier short-sleeved shirt? It’s cold outside!”

So let me just put this into perspective a little bit:

  1. I haven’t experienced this kind of cold in 20 years. (Translation: I’m not used to it yet.) It takes a little time to acclimate.
  2. Even the natives are complaining. One lady who has lived here over 20 years said she’s never felt it like this. So not even Denverites are used to this.
I don’t know if anyone “gets used” to -15 degrees. Except maybe the Inuits. Probably this is swimsuit weather for them.
Thankfully, I think we’ve hit the bottom for now. We’re climbing to a balmy 20 above today, and back to seasonal temps by the weekend.

So…what’s the coldest temperature you’ve ever experienced?


Checking In

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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I might be a little sparse here over the holiday weekend. Gonna chop down a tree, get ready for a special advent worship time on Sunday, spend time with family, and maybe catch up on some paid writing assignments.

Of course, now that I say this, I’ll probably post here every day this weekend. 🙂 But it will probably be fun, useless type stuff, if it happens.

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