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Coming Soon: Interview with Michael Frost

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Just a heads-up of upcoming happenings on this here blog…

A couple of months ago I mentioned that on occasion, I will be reviewing books for the Viral Bloggers project for TheOoze. The first such review will be of ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church, by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch.

As part of the review, Michael Frost has graciously agreed to be interviewed here on the blog.

I’ll be chatting with Michael later this week, and plan to post the interview on Monday, May 4.


A Tail of Two Zoos (or, Can You Tell the Difference?)


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In the split photo above… the pic to the left was taken nearly two years ago, at an outing to the zoo.

The pic to the right was taken last week–same t-shirt, and as chance would have it…a different zoo.

Can you tell the difference between the two?

Hint: I’m wearing different sunglasses.

Just kidding. (Although the sunglasses are, in fact, different…I’m notorious for losing them.)

Most of the weight has been lost in the last 3 and a half months. This is why I am wearing the same shirt. This picture tells me it’s time to get a new one.

The Wild One tells me the picture on the left is not me at my heaviest, either.

Weight lost since Jan. 1: 34 pounds.

Total weight lost: 48 pounds.


I’m almost halfway there…
(This post wasn’t really about the zoos. And no, I’m not showing you my “tail.”)


…And Apparently, He Is STILL Not Finished Spewing Out Nuggets of Wisdom…


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Consider this–Nugget # 27 from the Official Collection of Proverbs and Random Thoughts from Jeff the Twisted, Slightly Off-Center Philosopher:

“Since the arrival of Christ on the stage of world history, those who claim to believe in Him have consistently struggled between conforming themselves after the likeness of Christ, and forming Christ after their own likeness and agendas.”



Day, Interrupted–The Sequel: "Freaky Thursday"


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So remember all the stuff I told you that happened the first part of yesterday?

I didn’t get to tell you the stuff that happened after that….

After I got the garage cleaned up and had lunch, we decided to blow off some steam and go to a movie. So we went to see Knowing, starring Nicholas Cage.

Knowing is this apocolyptic, freaky-mystery, sci-fi kind of a movie, a lot more compelling than I thought it would be. But what I will likely remember it for has nothing to do with the movie itself.

You’ll think I’m lying about this…I’m not.

During one scene when these two guys are discussing this predicted impending disaster…all of a sudden, the screen faded to black, as though the lights had gone out. And then these emergency strobe lights started flashing at the front of the theater. Then an alarm started buzzing.

We were so engrossed in the movie that it took a moment for it to register to us that what was happening in the theater wasn’t part of the movie. When we finally “woke up” we assumed it was a tornado warning or something, since it had been storming earlier outside.

But then this recorded voice came on the loudspeaker and told us that an “emergency situation” was occuring in the building and we all should leave the building quickly and quietly! Well, that wouldn’t be a tornado warning…

I don’t know if I’m communicating how unbelievably surreal this all was. I mean, we weren’t watching Bambi in there; we were watching this end-of-the-world kind of a movie, and a real-life emergency happens in the theater during a critical scene in the film. The timing could not have been more freaky; it was like living in a movie. 🙂

So we go out of the building and wait in front while a bunch of the employees stand in the foyer with confused, idiotic looks on their faces. A moment later, the manager comes out and tells us all it was a false alarm, and to go back inside and they’ll start the movies up again.

And that was it.

No terrorists. No tornados. No fires in the building. No explosions. No natural disasters.

Just another random event to jolt the adrenaline through my body once again and jostle my already-rattled nerves.

Kind of fun, actually. Almost like one of those Disney World attractions.

Anyway, it’s like Thursday was themed “freaky random occurence day.” Weird.


A Little Brain Teaser from the Film Shoot This Week


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Okay, I made this brain teaser up myself just for you, so don’t laugh, okay?

Well, actually, you can laugh. Just laugh with me, not at me.

Whatever that means.


During the entire three days The Director was shooting this week, we never rolled tape at the top of the hour. Can you guess why?

(I’ll drop a hint later today, if nobody can guess it by then.)


Quiet on the Set

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Guess where I am blogging from….


I am typing this between takes on a movie set. Impressed?

The Director began shooting today on a new short film. We are spending the next three days shooting at a local nightclub. It’s closed during the day, and they’re letting us use it for free. And it’s a great backdrop for the content of the script.

No, I’m not going to tell you.


Small World (The True Story of How I Learned that John the Baptist Used the King James Version)


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A number of years ago, when I was young(er)…I was volunteering as a worship leader for a youth group in a large Assembly of God church in Cincinnati. One day, the youth pastor and I were bumming around in his office. He started digging through his desk looking for something, and pulled out a cassette tape he didn’t recognize. The words “Hymns My Mother Never Sang” was handwritten on it. So we popped the cassette into the player and started listening.

About a half hour later, our stomachs were sore from laughing so hard.


Hark! Who Goes There? (and Some Other Stuff)


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So I have put this FEEDJIT thing on my blog. You can find it down the page on the right sidebar of my blog. It’s pretty cool because whenever someone visits my blog, from anywhere on earth, anywhere at all…it immediately logs that person’s location, name, address, phone number, photograph, and personally identifying information, including account numbers for any major credit cards they own.

Well, not really. Actually, all it does is log the city, state or country that person is visiting from. And you can tell FEEDJIT to ignore your visits, so you can remain incognito, if you want. And you can even tell FEEDJIT to lie and say you are visiting from, say, Saskatoon, when you are really visiting from somewhere in Kansas. And lots of times it says someone is visiting from some exotic place, like “United States”, which tells me pretty much nothing. So it’s actually pretty useless.

But it’s still pretty cool.


Watching the FEEDJIT feed has made me curious about some of the places that regularly show up there. So I thought it would be cool if some of our more regular visitors would like to just leave a quick comment and say which city or country they are hailing from. For example:

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