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How’m I Doin’ (For Real This Time)


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So I’m ready to talk about some personal stuff, some real life stuff, some…stuff.

My family and I have been in Denver now nearly two months. We definitely love it here and have no regrets for moving. What is interesting, though, is that the season of transition didn’t really end when we made the move. We have made such a drastic life change that it is taking some time to find our feet underneath us. As friendly and warm as most Denverites are, forming meaningful relationships still takes time…but it is happening.


Quick Update

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Updates from yesterday’s updates… 🙂

I mentioned how cold it was here yesterday, and how the Rockies’ playoff game would be the coldest in their history. Well…I guess that record will have to wait to be broken. They postponed the game to Monday.

Cowards. (Just kidding…)

The family is improving some–still some mild fevers and obviously some fatigue, but I think they are over the worst of the flu. I started feeling a lot better yesterday myself. I’d already made arrangements to take Sunday morning off from leading worship for The Neighborhood Church (Mike and Eugene’s congregation), so I get to rest, anyhow. And the family’s resting.


First Snow, Odds and Ends, and Some Linkage


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It’s already threatened the Denver metro about three times this fall (without much follow-through), but this morning it’s accumulating here in Arvada. Nothing too serious for this area. I do find it interesting because this is my first fall/winter season here, but apparently this stuff is happening pretty early, especially in the mountains. Loveland ski resort is already open–the earliest in the season it has ever opened. This morning we had a record low temp (17 degrees F), and they’re saying the Colorado Rockies’ playoff game today will be the coldest Rockies game in their history.


Random Randomness That Has Nothing to Do With Anything


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This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything…but have you ever noticed the quirky little ways we solve common problems, the little remedies we create to fix little annoyances?

Take ketchup bottles, for instance. Have you ever noticed how many different techniques people have for getting the ketchup out of the bottle?

Here’s another example. Have you noticed how Coca-Cola, above other soft drinks, has a tendency to fizz up in the cup when we use the soft drink dispensers at the convenience store or restaurant? The fizz just sits there at the top–lots of it–and takes its sweet time going down. If you leave the dispenser before the fizz goes down–you’ll have a half-full cup of Coke to drink. But if you keep trying to fill it–you’ll have a handful of fizz. And if you’ve got a line of people behind you waiting for their turn…the wait time gets uncomfortable.

I love to watch the different ways people try to solve this problem. Among a few things I’ve seen:
  • Ignore the waiting people and wait for the fizz to go down (because dang-it, you PAID for that drink, and you’re leaving with a full cup!)
  • Blow on the fizz to get it to dissipate (which can backsplash in your face if you blow too hard)
  • Fan the fizz with the cup lid
  • Shake the cup gently
  • Be polite and leave with a half-cup of Coke
A few days ago, I saw something new and innovative: this guy took his finger and touched the top of the foam to get the bubbles to pop. Looked like it worked (a little).

What do I do? I’m just plain impatient. I tilt the cup at the dispenser, keep the Coke flowing, and let the fizz run over the side until I have enough Coke in the cup. (This usually amounts to an extra quarter of a cup worth of Coke going down the drain.

I know it’s wasteful. Deal with it.

So…you Coke drinkers out there…how do you deal with the fizz?


An Anomaly of Sorts


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There’s an interesting development connected to our recent move to Denver, one that’s a bit of an anomaly to me, and one that I haven’t brought up here thus far–mostly because I wasn’t sure how to explain it. But here goes…

I’m leading worship on Sunday mornings. In an institutional church.

Considering the many criticisms I’ve made of institutional church structures on this blog…perhaps I should unpack that last statement. 🙂


Exciting Updates, and How You Can Help a Brother Out


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As I may have mentioned earlier, our recent move to Denver was not for the typical reasons people move from one place to another. We moved with a dream incubating in our hearts, to start a new life based on focusing on our strengths, and on doing the things we love…to see what God would do with that. We didn’t come here knowing what everything was going to look like, but believing that God would show us when we got here.


How I Feel (part 2)


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Holy crap–we’re moving to Denver in FIVE DAYS???

What in the world have I gotten myself into?

How am I going to get everything done? What if our stuff doesn’t sell? What if I can’t find work when I get there?

How am I going to get everything done? (Wait…did I just say that?) What if I forget something?

What if I forget something?

What if I sell something and then realize maybe I shouldn’t have sold it? Like yesterday?

Have you noticed that I’m in so much turmoil that every sentence I write has a question mark?


How I Feel

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Omigosh! I’m moving to Denver in FIVE DAYS!

Today is my last day at the flower shop! Woohoo! I can’t believe it’s going by so fast!

I’m so excited! I’m can’t wait to get settled in our new place and start finding my way around! I can’t wait to meet new people! What an adventure!

[pause for breath]

I can’t wait to see what God’s going to do!! It’s got me so pumped, I am putting exclamation points at the end of every sentence!

Look…I did it again!

And there too!!! (Wow…that was a good one!)


The One Thing I’ll Miss Most About Tulsa


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I gotta be honest–despite all I’ve learned in my ten years in Tulsa, and despite the friendships I’ve had, and the wonderful sense of community with house church…there are a lot of things about Tulsa that I won’t miss.

But here’s one thing they have here that they don’t have in Denver, and something I’ll definitely miss:

QuikTrip is without a doubt the best convenience store ever. The folks who invented it and designed it are geniuses.


Quick Update

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Seems like whenever we have gone to Denver, we end up squeezing a bunch of stuff into a few days, and go home good and tired. In other words, we don’t get a lot of rest.

But then again, Colorado isn’t really the place to go and relax. Too much stuff to do!

We’ve shared meals with several friends up this way, and had some great times of conversation. (We’re meeting some new friends tonight, recommended by a mutual friend.) In between meeting people, we’ve squeezed in as much sightseeing as we possibly can. Yesterday we spent the day in the mountains, specifically in Georgetown and Breckenridge. Highs in the upper 60s up there (compare to high 90s back in Tulsa) felt pretty good to us. Great shops, great scenery, and so many friendly people.

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