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Normally On This Day, I Post a Picture of Dancing Mexicans…

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As long-time readers know, my birthday is an anomaly of the universe. For some inexplicable reason, the lovely people of Mexico take to the streets and dance and celebrate in my honor every May 5. ┬áIt has been this way ever since I was born. You don’t try to explain such things; you just embrace them.

Normally, on May 5 each year, I post a picture of these wonderful people celebrating me. But this year, a friend of mine posted a picture on my Facebook wall that was just too good not to share. So, dear blogger friends, I give you…Cinco de Mayo.


Thanks Again to the Mexicans

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As some of you may already realize, every year on my birthday, for some unknown, cosmic reason, Mexican people take to the streets for parades and dancing.

They did this on the day I was born, and apparently every year since. It has become something of a tradition.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out the cause for this phenomenon. To my knowledge, I am not Hispanic, and no oracle has ever declared me to be “El Uno.” But as I’ve said before, when life gives you a gift, you don’t ask why; you just embrace it.


And a Special Thanks to All the Dancing Mexicans


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For some inexplicable reason, on the day of my birth, thousands of Mexicans donned their traditional clothing and danced in the streets in celebration.

They have done so every year since.

Except, it seems, in Denver. They’re holding off the celebrations here until the weekend.

But that’s not the Mexicans’ fault. They don’t make the rules. They would be dancing in the streets of Denver today if they could. I know, because they do it on this day every year. Thousands of ’em, all over the place. Somewhere today–even if not in Denver–Mexicans will be dancing in the streets.

I don’t know why my birthday is such a big deal to the Mexicans. I’m Scottish.

But when life hands you some free lovin’, you don’t ask why. You just embrace it.

So a special thanks to all the Mexicans who make my birthday special every year. (Even thanks to the Denver Mexicans who would be dancing today if they could.)

(And my profound apologies to all of you who don’t enjoy the luxury of having Mexicans dance on your birthday. May you never feel the loss.)
Photo credit: Sage Ross, under CC license.


The Mexicans Are Dancing For Me Yet Again


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It’s happening again.
It seems like this just happened last year.
When the Mexicans start dancing in the streets…I know it’s my birthday.

That’s right.
May 5 = Cinco de Mayo = my birthday

It’s a bit of a mystery to me, why the Mexicans decided to commemorate my birth with a holiday, parades, food, and dancing in the streets.
And yet…on the day I was born, they danced in the streets.
And they’ve done it every year since.