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The Mexicans Are Dancing For Me Yet Again


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It’s happening again.
It seems like this just happened last year.
When the Mexicans start dancing in the streets…I know it’s my birthday.

That’s right.
May 5 = Cinco de Mayo = my birthday

It’s a bit of a mystery to me, why the Mexicans decided to commemorate my birth with a holiday, parades, food, and dancing in the streets.
And yet…on the day I was born, they danced in the streets.
And they’ve done it every year since.

Am I the fulfillment of some prophecy? A legend from mythology? If so…nobody has bothered to tell me. (Too busy dancing, I guess.)
But you learn not to question things like this. You just enjoy it.
If the Mexicans want to dance on my birthday, who am I to spoil the fun?

Heck, even these guys are getting in on the festivities….

However, I understand the Mexicans in Mexico aren’t dancing very much this year.
It seems everyone has the flu there.

So I decided to put up fun videos to help with the celebration, and help them feel better. If they ever read this blog, that is.

Here’s another fun one. They say you can paste your own picture on it. I was going to do it (over SIMON COWELL, not the other one) but it turns out they want you to pay for it.
I didn’t want to spend my birthday money on that; so just imagine it’s me and The Wild One:

Anyhow…Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. To my Mexican amigos y amigas…be well soon. And thanks for making my birthday so special every year.

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5 Responses to The Mexicans Are Dancing For Me Yet Again

  1. Amy

    Happy Birthday!!

    Guess what??!! Today is my mother’s birthday, too! No kidding!

    It’s such an easy way to remember her birthday!

    Ha! Love what you wrote here about those in Mexico dancing in the streets for you. I’m going to share that with my mom.

    Enjoy your day!

    ~Amy 🙂

  2. Jeff McQ

    Gracias, y’all, for the birthday wishes. It was a great day.

    Happy birthday also to Amy’s mom, and to Cynthia’s son, who is “15, yo.” 🙂

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