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My Friend Chuck


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Today, I’d like to tell you the story of my friend Chuck.

I first met Chuck at college in Tulsa, when I signed up to go on a summer music ministry trip overseas. There were sixteen of us on our team: ten vocalists, four in the rhythm section, our team leader (preacher) and the sound guy. Chuck was one of the vocalists, and I led the rhythm section from the keyboard.


Lifetime Heroes: Don and Kay

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My friendship with Don and Kay has always seemed to me to be somewhat of an anomaly–not because they aren’t great people (because they are–otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about them!), but because I guess I’ve never really understood what drew them to get involved with us in the first place. When I first met Don, he was an older, well-established pastor of a larger Assembly of God church here town, and was involved with his denomination on the regional level. I was pastoring a church in my home, and fostering a progressive worship style that probably wouldn’t have gone over well in his circles. He was a friendly acquaintance, and I always liked him; I just didn’t see that we shared very much in common. And our paths didn’t cross all that frequently.


Lifetime Heroes: Dottie

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I never knew Dottie’s last name–or if I ever did, I’ve long forgotten it, because it didn’t seem that important. Dottie was one of those memorable people who only seemed to need one name. Everyone who knew her simply knew her as Dottie. (And no, for any of you gospel music people out there…it wasn’t that Dottie.) 🙂

I first met Dottie when I was a teenager, after an evening worship practice at church. I met her because someone said, “Dottie wants to meet you,” and led me to the back of our large auditorium to meet her–like somehow it was very important that I meet her, or that she wanted to meet me.