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Perspectives on Easter


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Today is Good Friday on the church calendar–which means, of course, that Sunday is Easter (or Resurrection Day, if you prefer). This is the time of year when we observe and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.

I’ve been thinking about this lately (and you know what THAT means)…mainly because I’ve been helping out a congregation with worship, which means it’s the first time in a number of years that I’ve been in an environment where Easter preparation is important. After all, lots of people attend church meetings on Easter that never do so any other time of year. It’s natural for us to want to put our best foot forward.


The Significance of the Son of God


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As a disclaimer/hat-tip, the thoughts I’m about to process began from some things I’m reading in Brian McClaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy. In one of the early chapters, he reflects on some of the issues and controversies raised by Jesus being referred to as the “Son of God”–including some of the concerns it raises in our culture about the presumed “male-“ness of God, or reinforcing the male-dominant theme many have taken from the Scripture–all of which could be debated and discussed into the ground as to what it actually means.


In Which I Ramble About How I Wish I Could Write Like Donald Miller


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I don’t know if anyone but me remembers this, but I started this blog as practice, as a way of processing my thoughts, with the intention of eventually writing a book.

That was two years ago next week.


The Beer We’ll Drink in Heaven…I Guess


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So tonight, a new pub/restaurant that’s opening up just across the street had an open house and invited the neighborhood to come have free food and drinks before their grand opening tomorrow. So we walked the two minutes into town to check it out. And besides the free food that kept coming out of the kitchen, they offered free stuff from the bar. And they had the beer in the picture on draft.

I remembered how in his book Exiles, Michael Frost tells the story of how Arthur Guinness developed Guinness Beer. And in the book he says, “It’s the beer we’ll drink in heaven.” So since it was free…I tried it.

After all, if we’re drinking this beer in heaven, I figure I’d better get used to it.

I tried to like it. I really did. I told myself I was a manly man for drinking half a glass of it.

But when I drank it, I didn’t think of heaven. All I could think of was the other place.

So in heaven, I guess I’ll be drinking at the kiddie table. I hope they have Coca- Cola.


An Anomaly of Sorts


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There’s an interesting development connected to our recent move to Denver, one that’s a bit of an anomaly to me, and one that I haven’t brought up here thus far–mostly because I wasn’t sure how to explain it. But here goes…

I’m leading worship on Sunday mornings. In an institutional church.

Considering the many criticisms I’ve made of institutional church structures on this blog…perhaps I should unpack that last statement. 🙂


Punk’d by the Fates


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A (not so) funny thing happened to me when I was delivering flowers on Wednesday.

Actually, two things, one right after another. And both were my fault–kind of.

I pulled up to a house in the country to deliver some flowers. I parked in the driveway.

I got out of the van, and closed the door.
I opened the side door, pulled out the flower arrangement, and closed the side door.
I walked up to the porch of the house.
As I knocked on the door, I heard a loud, thundering CRASH!
I looked to see where the crash came from…and there was the van, up against the garage.
It had traveled, unmanned, approximately 20 feet, and crashed into the garage door.