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Photo: Twitter @cmullervy

I suppose it’s mere coincidence that the title of this post sounds similar to the title of my last one “Unpersuaded” (though the meanings are much different). But given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding me right now, there’s not a better word to use–and it’s definitely appropriate to back off of theological and spiritual ramblings to talk about some very real stuff happening.

Unprecedented. It is a word that I have heard repeated numerous times on the local news here in Denver as we have watched the clouds rain historic amounts of water upon mountains and plains in a very short period of time. After historic drought, and consequently historic wildfires, we now have historic flooding.


We Interrupt this Blog on Account of Weather…


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Well, I wanted snow…

The Wild One took this picture within the past hour; this is Olde Town Arvada, just up the steps and across the railroad tracks from our flat.
It started snowing last night–and hasn’t stopped since. Denver metro has gotten about 12 inches so far. We’re about 10 minutes northwest of downtown Denver, and we have at least 18 inches on the ground.

Let’s just say we’re having to get a bit creative with taking the dog to his, er, “spot.” Can’t say I blame him…if the snow was coming up to MY chin, I wouldn’t want to go outside, either.

AAAAnnnd…the news weather people tell us these totals could easily double by tomorrow night!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.


First Snow, Odds and Ends, and Some Linkage


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It’s already threatened the Denver metro about three times this fall (without much follow-through), but this morning it’s accumulating here in Arvada. Nothing too serious for this area. I do find it interesting because this is my first fall/winter season here, but apparently this stuff is happening pretty early, especially in the mountains. Loveland ski resort is already open–the earliest in the season it has ever opened. This morning we had a record low temp (17 degrees F), and they’re saying the Colorado Rockies’ playoff game today will be the coldest Rockies game in their history.


Hunker Down


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Crap. Why can’t we just get snow?

They (whoever “they” are) are telling us to get ready; they are predicting freezing rain/sleet over the next two days, starting this afternoon. After the catastrophic ice storm that hit here a little over a year ago, they are saying it could happen again. As of now, the ice is not predicted to be as thick as last time, so if that comes to pass…mostly slick roads, not as many power outages. But people here aren’t taking any chances. By “people” I mean us. So…

  • Firewood is stacked on the back porch in case of power failure.
  • Refrigerator is stocked and ready, with things we can cook with gas if the power goes out.
  • We have bottled water–oh, wait, we already had that…
  • Batteries…need to get some of those this morning.
So “Pollyanna” style…let’s play the “glad” game! Let’s find something to be glad about. Lesseee….

  1. I might actually get a day or two off. I’m glad of that…
  2. I might have more time to blog. (That is, if the power stays on.) I’m glad of that…
  3. I get chili and chicken stew to eat (not at the same time). I’m glad of that…

Are you having to hunker down where you are today?


Hey! What’s This White Stuff Falling From the Sky?


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After experiencing one of the wettest years on record for this area…so far this has been a very dry winter for Tulsa. Several cold snaps, and just a teensy bit of freezing drizzle…but almost no rain, and no snow. Guess Portland’s been getting all of it this year (sorry, Erin).

So this morning I get up and leave the house to go to my favorite blogging spot, and there’s this crazy looking white stuff falling from the sky, and blowing in rippled patterns across the road.

Oh, yeah. Snow. That’s what it is.

Okay, so it’s mainly flurries, and just kind of dusting everything. But snow is snow! And it’s cold, but nothing like it is for you northern folks who are throwing cups of water in the air and watching it come down as ice cubes. (I used to live up north, so I do know what that is like.)

But today, it’s not enough snow to cause problems. Just enough snow to make things look purty.

It’s kind of funny, actually, because this little dusting thing is just about as much snow as this town can handle without shutting down. We usually get snow about 3-4 times a winter. But nobody seems to know what to do with it. It’s almost like you can hear some of the bigwigs having the same conversation every time it happens:

“Hey! What’s this white stuff falling from the sky?”

“Have we seen this before?”

“I’m trying to think…”

“Is it safe?”

“I dunno. It doesn’t hurt or anything. Might be poisonous, though.”

“What should we do?”

“What did we do the last time we saw this stuff?”

“Um…I think we closed down the schools.”

“Okay…let’s go ahead and do that. Just to be safe.”

“Anything else?”

“It’s starting to collect on the streets. Should we do something to scrape it off?”

“Not yet. It might be dangerous to pile it up. Let’s wait and see what happens.”

“The cars are starting to slip on it….”

“Come on, guys…we need to make some decisions here. There’s almost a half inch on the roads already! Do we need to shut the town down, or what?”

“Oh, all right. Let’s plow just the main roads. If we do much more than that, bad stuff might happen. Do we have anyone that knows how to drive the truck?”

“I’ll make some calls.”

“What about salt? I’ve heard salt helps to melt this stuff.”

“No. Salt’s no good. It damages the vehicles.”

“So does crashing them into trees.”

“Good point. Okay, let’s get some salt. But not too much. We wouldn’t want to make the white stuff angry.”

Sigh. Oh, well. At least it looks purty.

P.S. That last bit about salt damaging the vehicles came from an actual conversation The Wild One had with someone from Texas. The person changed her opinion about using salt when The Wild One reminded her that crashing cars does more damage than salt does…


A Near Miss that I Was Too Stupid Busy to Even Realize


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The weather in Tulsa gets weird sometimes this time of year. I’m really into weather, so I like to pay attention to it. But recently I’ve been too stupid busy to pay attention.

Last night it was unseasonably warm and windy, and we had a thunderstorm blow through around 11:30 pm. We had just gone to bed, and we could hear the thunder and wind and the sideways rain hitting the bedroom window. I had the thought, Maybe I should go turn on the TV and see what’s happening. But since the news guys had already said the storms would probably not be severe, and since I was so wornded out from the extra work I’m doing…I said to myself, Nah. I’ll just go to sleep. So I did.

This morning I hit the ground running. I heard little tidbits through the day of some damage done by the storm the night before, but I was too stupid busy to pay much attention.

Tonight, I’m watching the news, and they tell us a tornado touched down last night less than a mile from our house. Did some damage. Never heard a siren.

So now I’m paying attention. 🙂

The weather tonight? Icy. Go figure.