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A Near Miss that I Was Too Stupid Busy to Even Realize


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The weather in Tulsa gets weird sometimes this time of year. I’m really into weather, so I like to pay attention to it. But recently I’ve been too stupid busy to pay attention.

Last night it was unseasonably warm and windy, and we had a thunderstorm blow through around 11:30 pm. We had just gone to bed, and we could hear the thunder and wind and the sideways rain hitting the bedroom window. I had the thought, Maybe I should go turn on the TV and see what’s happening. But since the news guys had already said the storms would probably not be severe, and since I was so wornded out from the extra work I’m doing…I said to myself, Nah. I’ll just go to sleep. So I did.

This morning I hit the ground running. I heard little tidbits through the day of some damage done by the storm the night before, but I was too stupid busy to pay much attention.

Tonight, I’m watching the news, and they tell us a tornado touched down last night less than a mile from our house. Did some damage. Never heard a siren.

So now I’m paying attention. 🙂

The weather tonight? Icy. Go figure.

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  1. Jim


    I’ve seen some MAJOR weather events – multi-FOOT snow storms in Colorado. The famous Montreal ice storm. Driven through multiple blizzards I shoulda died in. And I am here to say that after spending six months during “the season” in Tulsa one year that your town is THE weather capital of the country! I will never forget being in the Doubletree on 71st and having TWO tornados within a mile on each side (one on 51st, one on 81st), while I was excitedly on the cell phone with Les snapping shots out all the windows on the 11th floor and listening to tornado warnings in English and Spanish. Simply awesome.

    Some year, I will spend a vacation tornado chasing in OK. :o)

  2. Monk-in-Training

    I recall a tornado on Christmas eve in Tulsa one time.

    Very seasonal, in Advent we are instructed to be ever viligent and prepared, like the wise virgins awaiting the Bridegroom.

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