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We Interrupt this Blog on Account of Weather…


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Well, I wanted snow…

The Wild One took this picture within the past hour; this is Olde Town Arvada, just up the steps and across the railroad tracks from our flat.
It started snowing last night–and hasn’t stopped since. Denver metro has gotten about 12 inches so far. We’re about 10 minutes northwest of downtown Denver, and we have at least 18 inches on the ground.

Let’s just say we’re having to get a bit creative with taking the dog to his, er, “spot.” Can’t say I blame him…if the snow was coming up to MY chin, I wouldn’t want to go outside, either.

AAAAnnnd…the news weather people tell us these totals could easily double by tomorrow night!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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6 Responses to We Interrupt this Blog on Account of Weather…

  1. Al

    Weather always makes for good conversation, even if it gets repetitive after awhile.
    I hope you have things like skis, snowshoes, snow tires or whatever in order to survive the next months.
    And be sure to keep your computer plugged in so it doesn't freeze up!

  2. Jeff McQ

    I don't have skis; my slippers and hot chocolate will carry me through. 😀

    For sure! Actually this is a bit much (and a bit early) for Denver, even.

    Not doing any digging at all, really. They are really good about keeping things plowed and salted here, plus it's already melting off at a staggering rate.

  3. Anonymous

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