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Hunker Down


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Crap. Why can’t we just get snow?

They (whoever “they” are) are telling us to get ready; they are predicting freezing rain/sleet over the next two days, starting this afternoon. After the catastrophic ice storm that hit here a little over a year ago, they are saying it could happen again. As of now, the ice is not predicted to be as thick as last time, so if that comes to pass…mostly slick roads, not as many power outages. But people here aren’t taking any chances. By “people” I mean us. So…

  • Firewood is stacked on the back porch in case of power failure.
  • Refrigerator is stocked and ready, with things we can cook with gas if the power goes out.
  • We have bottled water–oh, wait, we already had that…
  • Batteries…need to get some of those this morning.
So “Pollyanna” style…let’s play the “glad” game! Let’s find something to be glad about. Lesseee….

  1. I might actually get a day or two off. I’m glad of that…
  2. I might have more time to blog. (That is, if the power stays on.) I’m glad of that…
  3. I get chili and chicken stew to eat (not at the same time). I’m glad of that…

Are you having to hunker down where you are today?

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6 Responses to Hunker Down

  1. Kansas Bob

    Snow is predicted to begin soon here in KC.. just a few inches I think. Where I live the homes association has our driveways and sidewalks plowed/shoveled.. so it is not too bad unless I have to go out for some unknown reason.

  2. Lightbearer

    Oh yeah!! A big snow storm is suppose to roll in to night. I’m looking forward to at least sleeping in in the morning, if not taking off the whole day.

    Like you we’re fully stocked up and ready to “Hunker Down”


  3. Heather

    This next week for us in Melbourne is predicted to average 40 degrees. Celcius, that is, which is 104 in your language.

    We’re hunkering down too – but with the curtains closed and the air conditioner blasting and plenty of icy provisions in the freezer.

    I can’t even imagine snow at the moment…

  4. Amy

    Oooohhh….brrr! Did you end up getting hit?

    It’s been a rough Winter for you folks. My prayers and hopes for warmer weather are with you!

    ~Amy 🙂

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