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First Snow, Odds and Ends, and Some Linkage


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It’s already threatened the Denver metro about three times this fall (without much follow-through), but this morning it’s accumulating here in Arvada. Nothing too serious for this area. I do find it interesting because this is my first fall/winter season here, but apparently this stuff is happening pretty early, especially in the mountains. Loveland ski resort is already open–the earliest in the season it has ever opened. This morning we had a record low temp (17 degrees F), and they’re saying the Colorado Rockies’ playoff game today will be the coldest Rockies game in their history.

All I know is, if I want to see the game, I’ll watch it on TV. With some hot chocolate. Temps back in the fifties tomorrow.

My household has been fighting the flu all week. I have to tell you, The Wild One and The Director have had a pretty miserable time of it, have been fighting moderate fevers, and still are basically non-functional. I started feeling bad a few days ago, with some of the same symptoms–cough, congestion, feeling loopy–but less severe, and no fever. I’m guessing here, but on account of being a hypochondriac and a paranoid chicken and all, I start pumping those immunity boosting fizzy drinks whenever someone sniffles around me…and I think that has actually helped. I think I picked up what they have, but my body is doing a better job fighting it off. That, and the grace of God. I don’t know how we would have coped if all of us had been that sick at once. Someone has to walk the dog, make the chicken soup, etc. 🙂 I’ve continued to try and keep up with writing assignments and projects and odds and ends, even while not feeling great–I figured I better get as much done as possible while I was able, just in case I got laid out, too. So that’s kind of kept me away from this blog for a few days. Thanks to all my Facebook friends who have been praying for us. 🙂

So anyway, that’s why this post is so short…oh, wait….

Just in case I don’t get back here for a few days…here’s some good stuff I found for you to look at:

Happy weekend!

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  1. Angela

    Snow sounds wonderful! I'm so jealous. We are steaming away here in Florida in an unseasonably hot October. Send some of that white stuff our way!
    Hope your crew gets feeling better soon.

    Thank you for so thoughtfully linking my blog! 🙂

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