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And a Special Thanks to All the Dancing Mexicans


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For some inexplicable reason, on the day of my birth, thousands of Mexicans donned their traditional clothing and danced in the streets in celebration.

They have done so every year since.

Except, it seems, in Denver. They’re holding off the celebrations here until the weekend.

But that’s not the Mexicans’ fault. They don’t make the rules. They would be dancing in the streets of Denver today if they could. I know, because they do it on this day every year. Thousands of ’em, all over the place. Somewhere today–even if not in Denver–Mexicans will be dancing in the streets.

I don’t know why my birthday is such a big deal to the Mexicans. I’m Scottish.

But when life hands you some free lovin’, you don’t ask why. You just embrace it.

So a special thanks to all the Mexicans who make my birthday special every year. (Even thanks to the Denver Mexicans who would be dancing today if they could.)

(And my profound apologies to all of you who don’t enjoy the luxury of having Mexicans dance on your birthday. May you never feel the loss.)
Photo credit: Sage Ross, under CC license.

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6 Responses to And a Special Thanks to All the Dancing Mexicans

  1. Anonymous

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the day God decided you should be born!

    Feels fantastic, doesn't it? And, even though I don't know you yet–for now I'm waiting until Heaven for a delightful, extended conversation–I know exactly how you feel, even the part about being Scottish.

    Well, sort of…. In my case, firecrackers go off every year. That's right, I was born on the 4th of July. In Sweden. Yet God knew my family would move here and I would eventually think of this country as my own, becoming a citizen. So, see? I understand.

    Here's a funny, for ya: I turned 20 on the bicentennial and my sister went around telling everyone I was 200….

    At any rate, this day is about you, not me.

    So, cumpleanos feliz!


  2. co_heir

    Happy Cinco de Birthday!

    All my life, schools have been letting out for two weeks on or right around my birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dave Lloyd

    I'm jealous. My birthday falls around Thanksgiving. Sometimes a couple days before, sometimes a couple days after. It's like the birthday calendar is taking shots at me while three sheets to the wind.

    Happy belated birthday, bro. You deserve the dancing Mexicans.

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