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For Your Enjoyment…U2 Does Letterman’s Top Ten (and They Sing and Play Pretty Well, Also)


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What an awesome fun thing it was to watch U2 perform all week on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” (The new album is great, too!) They wouldn’t allow embdding of YouTube clips of the performances earlier this week, but now they are apparently available.

Couldn’t resist this one…U2 does the Top Ten List. Pay special attention to The Edge on Number 5…

Here’s the classic “Beautiful Day” from Night 4. Watch toward the end; with one surprise gesture Bono gets the whole crowd standing and shouting.

…Aaand, the hit single “Get On Your Boots” from Night 5.

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3 Responses to For Your Enjoyment…U2 Does Letterman’s Top Ten (and They Sing and Play Pretty Well, Also)

  1. Jeff McQ

    That’s funny; I pulled up my blog just now and they worked fine. Perhaps something with your settings??

    Anyone else having trouble seeing the videos?

  2. Amy

    Yes, yes! I, too, stayed up all last week to watch U2 on Letterman, thanks to Kent Burgess and others in the blogosphere! I also have been listening to their awesome new album “No Line On the Horizon” at their website. GREAT SONGS! All of them!!

    Thanks for posting these clips. Always fun to re-watch them!

    Hope you have been enjoying your weekend!

    ~Amy 🙂

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