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Not that All I Have To Talk About is the Weather in Denver, But…

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…can I just say this much?

I have never in my life seen so many rainbows in such a short period of time.

Living in the southern plains, I think maybe I’ve seen a rainbow once every couple of years. I’ve seen probably around 10 rainbows here just this summer. This interesting Denver weather.

Here’s the thing; afternoon heating in the summer makes storm clouds form over the mountains and head east. It usually means an occasional bit of rain for us, not much, but some. (The storms pick up steam (literally) as they hit the plains, so we see some pretty massive thunderheads east and south of here, but that’s another blog post.)

But when the rain passes over here and heads east, it’s usually close to sunset, and the sun breaks out behind the clouds over the mountains, lighting up the rain storm that just passed over.

And there’s your rainbow. Usually at the same time of day (early evening), and always in the same spot.

I’m sure you’re yawning, especially if you live in the rainforest or tropics or something and see rainbows every day. But I find it totally fascinating.

The picture above isn’t of Denver; but I’ll try to catch a cellphone pic of the next rainbow I see.

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