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Sunday Morning Blogging–or, a Much-Needed Break


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This Sunday morning, I’m taking a much-needed break from leading the worship for the congregation I’m helping out.

No, I didn’t get fired for the sermon I preached. I was just kidding about that. (That actually went quite well, by the way.) This vacation of sorts was already on the schedule. 🙂

So I’m here doing one of my very favorite things to do on a Sunday morning. I’m blogging at my favorite coffee shop. 🙂

I used to blog every Sunday morning, when we were doing the house church thing. I had that luxury back then, because a) the gathering was at my house, so there was nothing to do but roll out of bed; b) the gathering didn’t start until 10:30, so I had time to go to the coffee shop; and c) I was the pastor, so I could set the time whenever I wanted. 😀
Not blogging on Sunday mornings was probably the hardest adjustment I had to make when I accepted this responsibility–even more than having to load up my gear and drive someplace. The meeting doesn’t start until 10am, but we have to start setting up for it at 8–and I’m just not crazy enough to blog at 5 in the morning on a regular basis. The coffee shop isn’t open then, anyhow. It’s hard to describe, but blogging took the place of what I used to consider my “quiet time”. When I relaxed the religious duties and started being a bit more organic about prayer and study, this blogging time became my place of reflection and processing my thoughts. It became my sanctuary. Ironically, I’ve had to give it up to be somewhere in time for church. 🙂 For the first few weeks I tried to squeeze blogging in before 8am, and wound up rushing around and being all late and bad-attitudish, so I eventually got the point and laid it down. Strange that I consider this to be my greatest sacrifice in doing this. I got used to my new routine eventually, but I still miss Sunday morning blogging.

So this weekend I have vacation, and I’m doing my favorite Sunday morning thing. And what am I blogging about?


Give me a break. I’m a little out of practice.

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  1. Jeff McQ

    Co-heir, believe me, I'm sparing you a lot of wasted time (and myself a lot of embarassment) by not blogging at 5 in the morning. Not THAT much of a morning person. 🙂

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