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More About the Snow in Tulsa This Morning…and how the BUTs got me

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Sorry to belabor the point, but the weather here has been so bizarre and interesting that it’s worth harping on awhile.

Here’s a recap of our weather the past few days:

  • Saturday–Sunny, high in the 70s
  • Sunday–Cloudy, windy
  • Sunday night–Severe thunderstorms
  • Monday–rain and sleet, temperature plummeting into the 20s
  • Monday night into Tuesday morning–umm, it totally depends on where you were.

And that’s where the BUTs got me.

The weathermen kept predicting and repredicting snowfall amounts for an oncoming snowstorm. BUT…they all got it wrong.

Tulsa proper to the north and west got nothing. BUT…just a few miles south and east, in the suburbs…they got 3-4 inches.


Note to Tulsa Drivers

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Dear honorable drivers of Tulsa….

Remember “SNOW?” It’s that powdery white stuff that sometimes falls from the sky in winter. We don’t get as much of it as they get in, say, Nome, Alaska or upper Minnesota. But we do get it, usually a couple of times each winter. Enough that by now we should all know how to drive in it. So as nicely as I can, let me remind you of a few basic principles of driving in snow:
  1. Snow is slippery. That means it takes longer to stop. It also means that you cannot turn as abruptly as you normally would, or you will begin to slide sideways. Smart people accommodate for this by driving more slowly, and allowing more distance between them and the driver in front of them. Simple, huh?
  2. If you start to slide, turn your wheels into the slide rather than against it. It feels weird at first, but it helps your tires regain traction.
  3. Gravity still works when it snows. This means if you approach a hill that hasn’t been treated and you do not have enough momentum when you start to drive up it, you will slide backward and hit the car behind you. It also means that you must be extra, extra careful going downhill. Don’t slam your brakes; pump them gently.
  4. Better to arrive late to work or school than not to arrive at all. Take your time.
  5. You are not the only person on the road when it is snowing. This means if you want to drive like a moron and ruin your own car, that’s one thing, but you do not have the right to ruin other people’s cars around you by being stupid. Be aware of others.
Thank you for your rapt attention. I’m sure the entire Tulsa metro area will now be a safer place because you all have read my blog.

P.S. To the guy who broke all these rules this morning and almost ran into me at the corner of 91st and Aspen: Please pay special attention to rule number 5.

P.P.S. To the road crews who plow and salt the roads: While I certainly appreciate everything you do…it does snow in Tulsa from time to time. Perhaps you should all get together and have a meeting to discuss how not to be taken by surprise and leave main roads untreated during rush hour. Just a thought…


If you’re in Tulsa tonight…

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…come join us for “GodConversation: a worship experience.”

Friday, Feb. 29 @ 7:oo PM
Agora Coffee “Big Room”
51st & Memorial, Fontana Shopping Center, Tulsa

This picture is just one of the amazingly awesome photos taken of the last GodConversation event. Click here to see more of them!


Off the Subject: The Stupid Weather

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It seems like Tulsa has these themed winters or something. The winters aren’t the same year after year; it’s like each winter the weather finds its own pattern, and does the same stuff over and over again. Each winter is its own barrel of fun. Yeah, right.

We went through a couple of winters a few years ago where the theme must have been “Warm, Windy, and Drought-like”. The main dangers were grassfires and being over-dressed. Almost no snow. Lots of people lost trees due to not enough rain.

Last year, the theme was “Almost Like Michigan, Only Further South and Not Quite As Much Snow.” Lots of cold, cold temperatures (well, for Tulsa, anyway). And lots of snow events–especially on weekends when people were trying to go to church. Our driveway took a real beating last winter. We were really ready for spring when it happened.

This year’s theme seems to be “Ice. Freezing Rain. Freezing Drizzle. Anything Frozen Other Than Snow.”

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Tulsa saw an ice storm of catastrophic, landscape-altering proportions. Over a half million people lost power statewide, and many of our oldest and best trees were ruined. Limbs everywhere. Some places still look like war zones, while we wait for tree limbs stacked as high as houses to be removed from our roadsides. (Feeling sorry for us yet?)

Since then, almost every precipitation event this winter has included some form of frozen precipitation other than snow. Freezing rain, drizzle, ice fog. No repeats of the wicked ice storm yet, but just enough to make the roads slick and the people irritated. Oh, and between events it gets warm enough for shirt sleeves, just long enough so you can’t get used to the cold. Almost no snow so far this winter.

The forecast this week? Today and tomorrow, shirt-sleeve weather. Wednesday…ice.

Crap, crap, crap.


An Uncomfortable Realization


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In the events that have unfolded in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been forced to face an uncomfortable realization about myself:

I’m a freakin’ hypocondriac.

For your consideration, I submit the following points as evidence:
  1. Within five minutes of someone around me declaring he/she has a sore throat…I become very aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.
  2. Within a few minutes of someone telling me that they have a stomach virus…I become very aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat. (What the heck? That’s not even the right symptom!)
  3. Within a few minutes of someone telling me that a child in a house I just visited threw up shortly after I left…I become aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.
  4. Within a few minutes of reading several blogs where the writers said they were sick and going back to bed…I become aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.
  5. I love the smell of Lysol.
  6. I love antibacterial soaps.
  7. I love hand sanitizers.
  8. I have to use lots of lotion on my hands in the winter because the constant use of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers dries them out.
  9. I take steady doses of Airborne and Zicam whenever anyone who lives within 200 yards of my house has a cold.
To my amazement, however…a nasty stomach bug hit my wife (The Wild One) and son (The Director) two weeks ago. I never got it. As I write this, both The Wild One and The Director are suffering from a cold and are lying around in their pajamas. I have yet to come down with it, despite the fact that I am aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.

Guess the hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, Lysol, Airborne and Zicam are working.
(P.S. To help someone who might really be sick and in need, please check out the Uganda links on the sidebar. Let’s look outside ourselves and do what we can to be Jesus to the world.)


Constipated anointing


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I’m about to get a bit irreverent and share a funny, sad, true story. ::Inserts tongue firmly into cheek…::

A number of years ago I was invited to lead worship for a week-long campmeeting at a church in Bakersfield, California. Right away I noticed that the pastor of this charismatic Word-Faith church had a distasteful beat-the-sheep leadership style, and that he had something to prove. Anyway, he announced that the last night would be an anointing service, where he would lay hands on and pray for anyone who wanted it. He pumped this up as the climax of the campmeeting, and that last day he went into seclusion to pray and fast, denying his flesh and all distractions so the Holy Spirit would honor his faith and move upon the people.

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