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Superhero Christianity

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(I found this awesome picture here.)
Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my former favorite superheros. If you’ve spent much time in church circles, you know this person, although you’ve probably never really met him/her. I say “him/her” because this superhero takes many forms and versions, but the gist is about the same no matter how you view him/her. (Being a male, I see him as a man, so I’ll use “he” from now on.)

This superhero is a man of mythic spiritual proportions, even surpassing Jesus Himself. (I’ll unpack that seemingly blasphemous statement in a minute.) I call this person….SUPER-CHRISTIAN.


Totally off the subject and random


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When I was in college, I had to take a grueling music history course that met 5 mornings a week, for two full semesters (well, actually it was two courses: Music History I, and Music History II). (That was a redundant way of saying the same thing twice, wasn’t it?) Anyway, to try and keep awake and break the monotony, one bright student created a fictional character called Dinkeldorf the Dragon, and he’d write down a story starter like, “Dinkeldorf was walking along the beach one day, his fiery tongue flapping in the breeze, when all of a sudden…” Then he’d pass the paper around the room and we’d all contribute, and the stories would get hysterical. Great way to pass the time.

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