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Constipated anointing


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I’m about to get a bit irreverent and share a funny, sad, true story. ::Inserts tongue firmly into cheek…::

A number of years ago I was invited to lead worship for a week-long campmeeting at a church in Bakersfield, California. Right away I noticed that the pastor of this charismatic Word-Faith church had a distasteful beat-the-sheep leadership style, and that he had something to prove. Anyway, he announced that the last night would be an anointing service, where he would lay hands on and pray for anyone who wanted it. He pumped this up as the climax of the campmeeting, and that last day he went into seclusion to pray and fast, denying his flesh and all distractions so the Holy Spirit would honor his faith and move upon the people.


Totally off the subject and random


Categories: fun, What the heck was THAT?

When I was in college, I had to take a grueling music history course that met 5 mornings a week, for two full semesters (well, actually it was two courses: Music History I, and Music History II). (That was a redundant way of saying the same thing twice, wasn’t it?) Anyway, to try and keep awake and break the monotony, one bright student created a fictional character called Dinkeldorf the Dragon, and he’d write down a story starter like, “Dinkeldorf was walking along the beach one day, his fiery tongue flapping in the breeze, when all of a sudden…” Then he’d pass the paper around the room and we’d all contribute, and the stories would get hysterical. Great way to pass the time.

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