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Okay, folks, it’s time to see if you’ve been paying attention. 🙂 Pop quiz time…

What is the January/Feburary “WORD OF THE MONTH?”


  1. Reply in the COMMENTS with the correct answer. Include your blog’s URL in the comments if you have one. (I am temporarily moderating comments to prevent spoiling and to conceal the number of people responding.)
  2. This is an “open-web” test. Feel free to check back to previous entries in this blog to find the correct answer, if you don’t already know it.
  3. The first five people to respond correctly will receive an honorable mention here tomorrow, plus a link back to their site/blog if they have one. Not to mention bragging rights. (Sorry I can’t provide a gift card or something right now. We’re a low-budget blog. As in free.)

Anyone who does not reply will be hunted down. Just kidding. Have fun!

OK, HERE’S A HINT: There is an actual word that I declared to be the “Word of the Month” for January/February, and the answer is in a previous blog posting. If you’re a new reader, you’ll have to go and hunt for it.
There are still spots open in the TOP 5, and we’ve had some good guesses. Come on, you can do it!!


What to do while I am gone

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I’ll be offline for the next few days. The Wild One and I are going out of town. I know this might be devastating for the thousands dozens several of you who have become addicted to this blog; so I’ve come up with a little homework for you–just a few things that would be good for you to do to pass the time while I am away…

  1. If you haven’t yet done so, please read my blog postings “What Is Church? A Personal History” and “What Is Church? part 2”. These are a test excerpt from a book I’m working on. Feel free to read and leave comments on either or both entries.


An Uncomfortable Realization


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In the events that have unfolded in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been forced to face an uncomfortable realization about myself:

I’m a freakin’ hypocondriac.

For your consideration, I submit the following points as evidence:
  1. Within five minutes of someone around me declaring he/she has a sore throat…I become very aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.
  2. Within a few minutes of someone telling me that they have a stomach virus…I become very aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat. (What the heck? That’s not even the right symptom!)
  3. Within a few minutes of someone telling me that a child in a house I just visited threw up shortly after I left…I become aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.
  4. Within a few minutes of reading several blogs where the writers said they were sick and going back to bed…I become aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.
  5. I love the smell of Lysol.
  6. I love antibacterial soaps.
  7. I love hand sanitizers.
  8. I have to use lots of lotion on my hands in the winter because the constant use of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers dries them out.
  9. I take steady doses of Airborne and Zicam whenever anyone who lives within 200 yards of my house has a cold.
To my amazement, however…a nasty stomach bug hit my wife (The Wild One) and son (The Director) two weeks ago. I never got it. As I write this, both The Wild One and The Director are suffering from a cold and are lying around in their pajamas. I have yet to come down with it, despite the fact that I am aware of a slight hint of a scratch in my throat.

Guess the hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, Lysol, Airborne and Zicam are working.
(P.S. To help someone who might really be sick and in need, please check out the Uganda links on the sidebar. Let’s look outside ourselves and do what we can to be Jesus to the world.)


Top 5 Bands or Artists that Either Are Major Influences on Me, or That Have Captured My Attention Recently


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Many, many of my readers have been asking me, “Jeff, your amazingly awesome pictures from the GodConversation are so amazingly awesome…what are your musical influences? What music do you like? What music moves you?? Please tell us!” (Oh, wait…maybe I dreamed that last night. Oh, well.)

Anyhow, since this is my blog, I write what I want to. And today I want to write about music. And the fact that Kat just happens to be doing “Music Monday” on her blog has absolutely nothing to do with it.


Check Out These Amazingly Awesome Photos from the GodConversation and Just Try and Tell Me They Are Not Amazingly Awesome Photos


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These are just a few pics from “GodConversation: a worship experience”–a worship event we did on Janurary 25. Thanks to R.J. Butefish for taking these amazingly awesome photos.
“The band”
Vince–bass, BGV
Kyle–acoustic guitar
Josh–electric guitar
Jeff–keys and lead vocals

My son, “The Director”–a.k.a. “Wall of Sound”, on electric guitar…

“Vince-sanity”–Bass and BGVs

Andrea dances to Switchfoot’s “On Fire”

Is this a cool rock & roll photo, or what??
Thanks to everyone who made this event so special. For more about this, you can go to and see what we’re up to.


"The song that is speaking to me MOST right now is…."

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Please answer in the comments section, and try to include WHY the song you picked is speaking to you. I look forward to reading your answers!!!

EXTRA! EXTRA! If you are in the Tulsa area today….

…I’ll be playing at an event tonight called “GodConversation: a worship experience.”

  • WHEN: Tonight, January 25, at 7:oo PM
  • WHERE: Agora Coffee Meeting Room, Fontana Shopping Center, 51st and Memorial (just northeast of the central fountain).
  • WHY: Because!

Come join us if you’re free.

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