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The Mexicans Are Dancing For Me Yet Again


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It’s happening again.
It seems like this just happened last year.
When the Mexicans start dancing in the streets…I know it’s my birthday.

That’s right.
May 5 = Cinco de Mayo = my birthday

It’s a bit of a mystery to me, why the Mexicans decided to commemorate my birth with a holiday, parades, food, and dancing in the streets.
And yet…on the day I was born, they danced in the streets.
And they’ve done it every year since.


So Now They Aren’t Secretaries; They Are "Administrative Professionals". Anyhow…Today Is Their Day

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Do you ever wish we’d just name something and stick with it? I mean, instead of making it longer and more wordy?

Like “salespeople” in the stores are now “customer service experts”? Or “waiters” and “waitresses” are now “food service transport technicians?”

Today is Secretary’s Administrative Professionals Day. I know this, not because I have a secretary administrative professional working for me, but because I’ve been called in early to the flower shop this morning to deliver lots of flowers to secretaries administrative professionals all over town.


A Little Brain Teaser from the Film Shoot This Week


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Okay, I made this brain teaser up myself just for you, so don’t laugh, okay?

Well, actually, you can laugh. Just laugh with me, not at me.

Whatever that means.


During the entire three days The Director was shooting this week, we never rolled tape at the top of the hour. Can you guess why?

(I’ll drop a hint later today, if nobody can guess it by then.)


How to Be an Emergent PoMo Pastor-Leader Person


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So for the past couple of years, I’ve been learning a lot about postmodernism, and how it’s affecting our culture, especially with upcoming generations. Alongside that, I’ve been learning a lot about what’s being called the “emergent church”, which many times amounts to “church for postmoderns” (PoMos) because its next-generation approach speaks largely to the PoMo worldview.

I’m not just a student of information, but also a student of human nature, so this stuff intrigues me.


Small World (The True Story of How I Learned that John the Baptist Used the King James Version)


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A number of years ago, when I was young(er)…I was volunteering as a worship leader for a youth group in a large Assembly of God church in Cincinnati. One day, the youth pastor and I were bumming around in his office. He started digging through his desk looking for something, and pulled out a cassette tape he didn’t recognize. The words “Hymns My Mother Never Sang” was handwritten on it. So we popped the cassette into the player and started listening.

About a half hour later, our stomachs were sore from laughing so hard.


For Your Enjoyment…U2 Does Letterman’s Top Ten (and They Sing and Play Pretty Well, Also)


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What an awesome fun thing it was to watch U2 perform all week on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” (The new album is great, too!) They wouldn’t allow embdding of YouTube clips of the performances earlier this week, but now they are apparently available.

Couldn’t resist this one…U2 does the Top Ten List. Pay special attention to The Edge on Number 5…

Here’s the classic “Beautiful Day” from Night 4. Watch toward the end; with one surprise gesture Bono gets the whole crowd standing and shouting.

…Aaand, the hit single “Get On Your Boots” from Night 5.




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So yesterday I had the rare opportunity to have lunch with some of the guys from the music ministry team I traveled with in college. Several of us stayed in (or in my case, moved back to) Tulsa, but we rarely see each other, at least not all at once. This weekend, our former team leader was in town and invited us all to lunch.

Most of us showed. Two were dweebs and didn’t make it.

Anyway, while we were catching up on each others’ lives and reminiscing about the past (while two of our teenage offspring sat at the table and tried very hard to look interested)…I thought back to the times we were on the road together. I thought about my good friend Davey, who also was on the team but couldn’t make it to lunch, since he doesn’t live in this state.

And I realized I couldn’t remember my number. But I could remember Davey’s.

Lemme ‘splain.

There were 16 of us on the tour–8 guys and 8 girls, traveling 8 weeks through the U.S. and Europe. And we were all assigned a specific number. And every time we piled into the bus, before we left for wherever we were going next, we would count off: “1, 2, 3, 4…” to make sure we were all on the bus. It felt a bit childish for us grown-up college kids, but it worked; no one got left behind in Paris or Altensteig or Delft, or in Moberly, Missouri.

I realized that after all this time, I couldn’t remember my own count-off number. But I could remember Davey’s. Davey’s number was seven.

The reason I remembered this is that Davey was so proud of his number that he would say it all the time. “Seven!”

He would say it when he wasn’t supposed to say it: “Seven!”

He’d say it when you were trying to sleep on the bus. “Seven!”

He’d say it when we were trying to pray together: “Seven!”

So when we’d get on the bus and count off, it usually went something like this:

“One!” “Two!”


“Three!” “Four!”


“Five!” “Six!”

“….” (crickets chirping)

And we’d all look back at Davey, who would grin slyly, knowing full well we couldn’t continue the count-off without him. (Because being only in college, we could only count in sequence.)

Eventually, after a few moments of nervous sweating, wondering what we were going to do if we coudn’t finish the count-off…Davey would let us off the hook. “SEVEN!”

“Eight!” “Nine!” “Ten!”


And so on.

So I told the guys at the table I couldn’t remember my count-off number anymore. But I could remember Davey’s.

Kevin, our team leader sitting next to me, looked at me a moment, and asked:

“Was it seven?”


And although we laughed out loud together at the table, I know we were all feeling a sense of loss. You see, because we can’t remember our own count-off numbers anymore…we know we won’t be able to travel together ever again.

Guess that means Davey will have to travel by himself from now on.

Or that we will all have to have the number seven. Because it’s the only number we remember.


Me Do Man Thing


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(In honor of the total manliness of this post…the following is brought to you in caveman-speak.)

Jeff very manly. Me do man thing.

Me fix toilet all by self.

Toilet not shut off right. Me fix. All by self.

Me mess with toilet thing late into night other night, figure out why not shut off right. Problem with ballcock. Need new ballcock.

(No laugh. Me not name these things. That what it called.)

Me go to big blue building where man buy manly things. Women there, too. Me okay with that–me not shovenist cheauxvenist chouv–me okay with that.


Me buy new, um, part for toilet.

Me read directions. Remove old part. Use big man-wrench. It stuck, but me strong. Me get old part to let go. Me put new part in, tighten. Me flush toilet, check for leaks. No leaks.

Toilet fixed.

You understand. Jeff not toilet-fix kind of guy. Me read-book, write-blog, play-music, write-pretty-songs kind of guy.

Me very proud of man thing me do.

Me go tell Wild-One wife about man thing me do. Me figure me impress wife with great feat of strength. Make wife lovey-lovey for Jeff for doing man thing.

Me go to kitchen, tell wife…

ME: “Hey, honey. I fixed the toilet. All by myself.”


Okay, Since You’ve Obviously Been Wondering…Here’s 25 Random Things About Me


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Okay, so I’ve now been tagged twice for this, both times in Facebook…first by Jim, and now by Karen. But since my blog is linked to my Facebook, and I spend most of my time in blog-land…I’m posting it here so it’ll show up in both places. 🙂


Hey! What’s This White Stuff Falling From the Sky?


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After experiencing one of the wettest years on record for this area…so far this has been a very dry winter for Tulsa. Several cold snaps, and just a teensy bit of freezing drizzle…but almost no rain, and no snow. Guess Portland’s been getting all of it this year (sorry, Erin).

So this morning I get up and leave the house to go to my favorite blogging spot, and there’s this crazy looking white stuff falling from the sky, and blowing in rippled patterns across the road.

Oh, yeah. Snow. That’s what it is.

Okay, so it’s mainly flurries, and just kind of dusting everything. But snow is snow! And it’s cold, but nothing like it is for you northern folks who are throwing cups of water in the air and watching it come down as ice cubes. (I used to live up north, so I do know what that is like.)

But today, it’s not enough snow to cause problems. Just enough snow to make things look purty.

It’s kind of funny, actually, because this little dusting thing is just about as much snow as this town can handle without shutting down. We usually get snow about 3-4 times a winter. But nobody seems to know what to do with it. It’s almost like you can hear some of the bigwigs having the same conversation every time it happens:

“Hey! What’s this white stuff falling from the sky?”

“Have we seen this before?”

“I’m trying to think…”

“Is it safe?”

“I dunno. It doesn’t hurt or anything. Might be poisonous, though.”

“What should we do?”

“What did we do the last time we saw this stuff?”

“Um…I think we closed down the schools.”

“Okay…let’s go ahead and do that. Just to be safe.”

“Anything else?”

“It’s starting to collect on the streets. Should we do something to scrape it off?”

“Not yet. It might be dangerous to pile it up. Let’s wait and see what happens.”

“The cars are starting to slip on it….”

“Come on, guys…we need to make some decisions here. There’s almost a half inch on the roads already! Do we need to shut the town down, or what?”

“Oh, all right. Let’s plow just the main roads. If we do much more than that, bad stuff might happen. Do we have anyone that knows how to drive the truck?”

“I’ll make some calls.”

“What about salt? I’ve heard salt helps to melt this stuff.”

“No. Salt’s no good. It damages the vehicles.”

“So does crashing them into trees.”

“Good point. Okay, let’s get some salt. But not too much. We wouldn’t want to make the white stuff angry.”

Sigh. Oh, well. At least it looks purty.

P.S. That last bit about salt damaging the vehicles came from an actual conversation The Wild One had with someone from Texas. The person changed her opinion about using salt when The Wild One reminded her that crashing cars does more damage than salt does…
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