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I Made a Funny


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The Wild One, The Director and I were looking for photo ops today. The following conversation took place:

Me: Honey, where do you want to go now?

Wild One: I was thinking about going downtown.

Me: Yeah, that would be fun. We could have lunch down there, too. (Checked my pocket for change.) Oh, wait…I don’t have enough change for the parking meters down there. Do you guys have any change?

The Director: Nope.

Wild One: I don’t think so.

(While I thought about how we could get change for the parking meters, I remembered what happened two days ago, and my face brightened.)

Me: It’s okay–we can go. We don’t have to worry about the parking meters.

Wild One: Why?

Me: Because Obama’s going to give us the change we need!

::Collective groan:: I know. But I thought it was funny, anyway.


Why I Don’t Twitter (Yet)


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…or is it “Why I Don’t Tweet?” Twit? Whatever.

It seems more and more of my blogger comrades are selling out beginning to use Twitter in addition to all the other connectivity programs out there.

Little by little everyone starts to Twittle Twitter. (Dangit. Thought I had a rhyme going there.)

Well, I’m still holding out–for now. And here are some reasons why…

  1. I’m not technologically advanced enough for it to matter that much. For example, though my cell phone is Interweb-capable, I don’t use it for cost reasons, and because I don’t really need to. Twitter, from what I understand, works best when you can Tweet/Twit throughout the day. And though I carry my dinosaur laptop with me quite often, it isn’t really practical to stop, hook it all up (my battery is dead), open it up, start it up, to tell you what I’m doing at the moment. Almost every Tweet/Twit would read, “Jeff is booting up his laptop to send you a message.”
  2. I’m a little concerned about becoming even more addicted to tech. Most of us already walk around like so many cyborgs with Bluetooth earpieces in our ears. And once we start using a new technology, we tend to get addicted to it quickly. I have a feeling if I ever start Tweeting, I won’t be able to stop. 🙂
  3. I want to resist keeping up with the technological Joneses. I already feel about 2 years behind everyone. My cell phone isn’t flat and shiny with lots of buttons. It actually flips down. I started on MySpace a year ago because everyone who was anyone was on MySpace. By the time I figured MySpace out, everyone had gone over to Facebook. Once my Facebook page was up, everyone was Twittering. Crap. I can’t keep up. Although I have to admit it gets a little lonely back here, watching everyone’s technological backsides…I just don’t want to join the race. What purpose would it serve, except to be chic and cool? None, right now. I’d rather wait until I really “need” Twitter.
  4. There are times when, quite frankly, I don’t want everyone to know what I’m doing. The coolest Tweeters/Twitters/Twitterrerrs do it all throughout their day, at any given moment. If I’m going to Tweet, I want to do it right; so I’d feel pressured all the time to let you in on my every move. “Jeff is going to the bathroom.” ??? Sorry. That’s none of your freaking business. 🙂 In our day of “Big Brother”, we’re already losing our privacy fast. Why would I want to just hand it over voluntarily?
So…bottom line for now…I don’t really need Twitter right now, so I’m resisting.

For now. 🙂


Jeesh, I Almost Forgot. It’s Halloween.


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The above title is of great personal significance to me because I used to get uber-spooked by this day each year.

Now, listen–I believe in the spirit world, and supernatural things going on all the time that we can’t see. I am fully aware that there are some fringe people who take this day very seriously, and will go do some real witchcraft things in the dark in the woods, and possibly even hurt people. I am aware of the Druid and occult roots of Halloween, and personally I still do not observe it, nor does my family. My son has never really missed trick-or-treating, never had a desire to do it.

In the vein of spiritual warfare, I used to pray against this day every year. I used to have this ultra-sensitivity where I could almost see the demons lurking in every corner, looking for opportunities to work mischief. Every mishap from October 15-31 was a demonic assignment. After all–this was war, and demons were real, and they don’t like Christians, and blah blah blah.

Oh, yes, God was greater. So my mind said. But my heart was still afraid. Every year we used to “observe” Halloween by looking for some excuse to be out of the house, or we’d close up the front of the house to make it look like we weren’t home for the trick-or-treaters, and hole up in the back of the house and watch movies and just wait for the day to be over. All because we didn’t want to give any credence whatsoever to this terrible, terrible day.

Then, two things began to happen to us. First–we realized by not participating in the day at all, we were missing an opportunity to interact with people, all in the name of fear. After all–no little kid dressed up like Superman or Moses or a clown or Dracula was really going to torch our house–and their parents weren’t devil-worshipers. So we started buying the candy and opening our door, and trying to be a light in the darkness (without being preachy–no tracts or anything). 🙂

Second, more recently…I began to realize something very important, and not just about Halloween, but in my walk with God. In my desire to make a difference in my community (and also see some personal breakthrough), I’d been spending a great deal of time focusing on spiritual demonic strongholds and participating in spiritual warfare through worship and prayer. (I know probably a lot of you think that’s hogwash, but bear with me a moment.) There were times when we saw some results, if for no other reason than because we were operating in faith with the best knowledge we had at that time. But there was also a time when we got worn to a frazzle and simply had to stop and have a time of rest. And then the most amazing thing happened…

When we stopped looking for the devil–he stopped showing up.

When we stopped expecting an attack at every turn…the attacks became far less frequent. And I don’t think it was just that we stopped the “spiritual warfare”. I think we stopped being afraid. I think when we stopped focusing on what Satan was doing, he found no fear to latch on to…and so the attacks, whether real or imagined, began to fade.

And by contrast, when we started looking for what God was doing, we found Him everywhere!

So…let me say I still believe there is a devil, and demons, and warfare going on all the time that we don’t see. But I also believe many times we aren’t meant to see it. It’s not always our fight. I no longer look for how to defeat demonic strongholds; I look for what God is doing, and if He wants to show me something in the spirit realm and what to do about it, I’ll do what He says, without fear. These days, my “warfare” takes a different strategy.

I still don’t particularly like Halloween, or what it stands for. But today I delivered flowers all day long, and got no flat tires, and didn’t stub my toe on anything, and wasn’t grumpy. I saw some people dressed like witches, and I didn’t freak out. The devil pretty much left me alone, because I didn’t pay attention to him. And I got home and saw the candy by the door. Oh, yeah, that’s right–it’s Halloween.

Pretty cool.


Just a Few of My Friends…


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So as we approach the holidays, we also approach the one-year mark for the Losing My Religion blog. And as we approach that mark, I’m contemplating how blogging has changed and expanded my thinking and indeed my world. Last month, Cindy at Run With It asked us how blogging has changed us. I didn’t respond then, mostly due to time constraints and being generally behind my blog reading. But I guess I’m answering it now: blogging has helped clarify my own journey, sharpened my writing skills, and connected me with a whole range of new friends–people who in some ways think very differently than I do, but who are in other ways quite connected with one another in this journey. I think these emerging relationships are the best part of my blogging experience. (Do you like that I used the word “emerging”?)


Checking In…and Highlights from Denver


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The Off the Map Conference is over, but The Wild One, The Director and I are still in Denver, doing some sightseeing. Now that the whirlwind weekend is over, we’ll be spending some time with fellow blogger Kathy and her family, and are planning to head for home on Wednesday.

Some highlights of the trip so far:
  • When Matt Casper told me he reads my blog. 🙂
  • Meeting with an old friend, Michael Klassen, whose book Strange Fire, Holy Fire is slated for release in December. Had not seen Mike since college.
  • Driving up to Rocky Mountain National Park . I grew up around mountains living in California, but never have seen scenery like this. We ascended to over 12,000 feet, above the tree line, and it was breathtaking. In more ways than one. Very hard to catch your breath up there. (The photo to the right is from our trip up there.)
  • A beautiful experience participating in a gathering of Kathy’s church, The Refuge.
  • Experiencing the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall, and eating lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Seeing the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
There have been a lot of surprising and unexpected moments here. And it’s not over yet. Tomorrow we’re supposed to go to Colorado Springs.

Sorry for not responding to comments much here lately; understandably, it’s been a bit frantic. But I should be back in the swing of things in a few days.


Best of LMR: "The Unwritten Rules of Blogging (As I Interpret Them)"

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Reposted from July 2008.

So I’ve been officially in the blogosphere for a little over six months now, and maybe, just maybe, I’m getting the hang of it.

Come to find out that bloggers, like nearly any other group, have their own little culture. So you don’t just sign on with a Blogger account and start writing. NOooooo. You have to learn how to do it, um, properly. Just like we had to learn certain rules of etiquette when we started emailing, or certain ways of expressing ourselves with characters other than the alphabet (like 300 different forms of smiley faces) 😀 –as a blogger, you eventually learn how to walk the walk. Online, of course.


Best of LMR: "Constipated Anointing"


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Reposted from January 2008.

I’m about to get a bit irreverent and share a funny, sad, true story. ::Inserts tongue firmly into cheek…::

A number of years ago I was invited to lead worship for a week-long campmeeting at a church in Bakersfield, California. Right away I noticed that the pastor of this charismatic Word-Faith church had a distasteful beat-the-sheep leadership style, and that he had something to prove. Anyway, he announced that the last night would be an anointing service, where he would lay hands on and pray for anyone who wanted it. He pumped this up as the climax of the campmeeting, and that last day he went into seclusion to pray and fast, denying his flesh and all distractions so the Holy Spirit would honor his faith and move upon the people.


Save Jordy


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As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago I invited you to vote in an online “Pampered Pet” photo contest for our dog, Jordy. I put a convient link in the sidebar to remind everyone to vote.

There are now over 4000 entries. And Jordy has held his own for awhile, but it’s been harder to keep him in the running.

You might say he’s been, um…tailing in the polls. 🙂

Here’s the entry below! (Isn’t he cute?)

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