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Chasing Gustav


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Earlier this week, millions of Americans got into vehicles and fled from Hurricane Gustav.

Today…three wackos got in their car and drove into Gustav.
Okay, so Gustav is no longer a hurricane, and I’m so thankful it wasn’t as bad as it could have been (though people are still suffering from it). Today, it is just a big mass of “itty-bitty stinging rain” (a-la Forrest Gump) with some annoying wind behind it, now spinning in our neighborhood.
The Wild One has been wanting “rain pictures”, and what better rain event than a former hurricane? So she had been planning for Gustav for days. And last night, Gustav came to our doorstep…and kind of stayed there. By noon today, we still weren’t getting any “real” rain…while just a couple dozen miles or so to the southeast, they were getting soaked.
What would you do? (If you reeaally wanted “rain pictures”, that is?) Since Gustav wasn’t quite coming to us…we went to Gustav.
We drove to a nearby town, stood in the rain with ponchos and an umbrella, and took pictures like these…
And then…Gustav followed us home. (It’s pouring outside this evening.)

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  1. KELLY

    That’s awesome – and exactly what my family would have done. Of course, my 17 year old son and my hubby and total photography geeks…seems like we are on a weekend road trip all the time – trying to get that perfect picture! :0 Since Ike may hit the Texas coast this weekend – maybe I will suggest a quick drive down to Matagorda Bay to get the really great shots! 🙂
    Those are great pictures!

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