In trying (against all odds) to catch up with my blog reading this morning, it came to my attention that the day after Easter, Michael Spencer (aka Internet Monk) passed away from cancer. I was aware that he was ill, but unaware of how close he was to the end. His struggle with cancer apparently lasted only four months. He was 53 years old.

I didn’t know Michael Spencer personally, and I’ve rarely mentioned him here, although his blog is listed on my blogroll; but he was probably one of the most influential post-evangelical voices in the blogosphere. He began his blog 10 years ago, before most of us even knew what blogging was. His blog has inspired many, and no doubt angered quite a few people. But in this regard, Michael Spencer could be considered a forerunner, recognizing issues in the evangelical church, and trying to live a better way, before many of us even realized there was a need for change.

His memorial service is being held today. Friends have purposed to continue the Internet Monk blog on Michael Spencer’s behalf, and financially on behalf of his wife. Many recent posts on the blog include tributes to Michael as well as reprising some of his best-loved blog posts. You should go read them.

Many thanks, Michael. You will be missed.

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