For those who have been tracking with me lately on my musical journey…I wanted to share this with you: the soundtrack I composed for “Jeune Fille”, The Director’s short film.

This film project was over a year in the making, with the soundtrack being composed, recorded and mixed since about November. The final mix was finished literally days before we premiered the film. The premiere went extremely well, and the next step is to get the film entered into film festivals.

And that’s where this shameless plug comes in.

I’ve embedded a link to the soundtrack below. You can stream one of the tracks right here on this page, and click through to the Bandcamp page to hear all of them. If you like what you hear, I invite you to purchase the soundtrack as a download. Currently, all profits from download sales will go toward the fund to enter “Jeune Fille” into film festivals, which if you know about festivals, you know it can be a pricey endeavor.

I’ll keep you posted on this aspect of our journey. As for viewing the film itself, keep your eyes peeled. It just might show up at a film festival near you. 🙂


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