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I Soooo Wish I Had Come Up With This One


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Hats off to Jonathan of Missio Dei for sharing this awesome story…

Guy walks into a bar and sees three guys engaging a passionate conversation about something. Curious that he is, he walks up to them and asks, “What’s the ruckus?”

“We’re trying to figure out what kind of beer this is,” the first guy says, a little taken aback by the interruption, but immediately turning back to his two friends. “It’s amber color reveals the rich texture of an bass pale ale.”

“I would say it’s a porter,” the second man says. “I’ve had porters before and they look just like that. I’ve even made porter’s. I used to make them in my house.”

I know it’s a dark lager,” the third man says. “The rich color is closer to a darker amber color. The rich pigmentation from the darker malts does that to it.”

“No it’s not,” the first man said, his voice rising in temperament. “Dark lager is darker than that.”

“A bass pale ale doesn’t sit in the glass like that,” the third man said, exhausting his disgust as he pointed to the pint.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” the first man said, throwing out a guffaw in furious passion.

“What do you think?” the second man said, looking at the guy who was still watching the conversation. All attention was turned on him.

The guy looked at the beer, picked it up and drank it. Set it down on the bar and said, “It’s good.”

I want to be the guy who drinks the beer in life.

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  1. Len Hjalmarson

    Maybe its only after we drink it that the earlier conversation takes on meaning.

    “Taste and see that the Lord is good” is perhaps the place worship should always begin. But I notice there is a lot of theology in the Scriptures 😉

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