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A Flexible, Anchored Framework (excerpt)

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Excerpt from my post earlier today on Communitas Collective

It seems like the past few months have been “earthquake season” for this planet. First there was the horrific devastation from Haiti’s quake in January; about six weeks later, Chile suffered a quake nearly 1000 times as intense as Haiti’s. And just yesterday, Mexico registered a 7.2 quake that was felt in California.

If you’ve never been in an earthquake, it’s hard to describe the sense of helplessness and of time standing still. It really does shake you, in more ways than one. Growing up in California, I’ve felt quakes as strong as 6.2; I don’t ever care to feel one stronger.

But the interesting thing is that in areas of the world that are more prone to quakes, they have begun constructing their buildings differently. This is one of the reasons why although Chile’s quake was stronger than Haiti’s, the damage and fatality rate were actually less. Chile is accustomed to quakes, where Haiti was not–so their infrastructure better withstood the more powerful quake.

A skyscraper built in Tokyo will be much different than one built in another part of the world less prone to quakes. The key to keeping the building from toppling? Flexibility

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  1. Anonymous

    I read the rest of this at Communitas Jeff – and appreciated it.

    Discovering my true foundation – Christ – has been the most significant part of my journey and these days I see it as virtually having occupied all my 67 years!

    The rest has had to adjust and change and move into a much much simpler framework. God still has me in the midst of an "Institutional Church" and living with my brothers and sisters there is a challenge. They are looking for certainty and structure and rules [sometimes labelling them principles] and we can find it hard to function together. They don't realise that I have been in the same spot as they are now! It doesn't make sense to them.

    But I believe that only a focus on Jesus can bring us together – but I cannot say when and how – that is up to Him!

    Richard Wilson
    South Australia

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