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Day, Interrupted


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“Hijacked” is more like it.

Getting ready to leave to do my normal morning stuff (i.e., BLOG, get stuff at the store)…I walked into the garage to find water pouring out of the water heater closet, through the garage and halfway down the driveway. Figured out quickly the water was backing up through the water heater drain (not the water heater), apparently caused by a clog deep down in the pipes.

So I went to call the plumber. Opened my cell phone…my display is busted. Colors are going nuts on it, the picture is warped…I can’t even read the numbers. Oh, great.

Thankfully, it was an easy fix. And thankfully, it didn’t back up into the house. And thankfully, nothing of value was damaged in the garage. But moving everything around, drying things off, throwing things away, and disinfecting the garage has taken all morning.

So that’s what I’ve been doing today. How ’bout you?

I have to turn the computer off now. Thunderstorms.

Crap. I need a vacation….

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6 Responses to Day, Interrupted

  1. Amy

    Ugh! Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. The things that happened, shesh, I can certainly see how they were simply not fun. I hope the water heater gets fixed quickly, and the water spilled cleaned up. As far as your cell phone, my best wishes too. Ha! A similar thing happened last Summer.

    While at a poolside BBQ with some friends, I placed my cell phone on a table with food and drinks. Well, apparently, some water spilled from some bottles, and oozed into my cell phone, “frying” it. However, I guess you can say “good” came out of it, in that I was able to receive a new and upgraded phone.

    I hope today and this weekend is much better for you, my friend!

    ~Amy 🙂

  2. Milly

    It’s my job and I love it.

    I don’t mide getting up at 4 early as long as I’m in bed at 8:30 pm.

    Helping you dudes is what we do.

  3. Mark (under construction)

    I have days like this about 4 times a year and as I look back and reflect .. they are great days for they force me away from my pre programmed day and my “to do lists” – I hope plumbers in the USA aren’t as expensive as those in Oz.

    Last time I had pay a plumber I was forced to sell my eldest to medical science!!

  4. Milly

    Plumbers go where I don’t want to go so if I can’t fix it and my peeps can’t I call my good friend the plumber to do the work.

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