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From the Horse’s Mouth…


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I promised myself I wouldn’t go political here again. But in my view this is too important not to consider.

Americans who read this blog: before voting next week, PLEASE listen to this actual audio of Barack Obama, as it gives us a window into his true ideology.

We need to be clear about this. “Re-distribution of wealth” is a hallmark of socialism, not democracy.

My biggest concern about Obama from the beginning has been all the hoopla that has surrounded him, while his true agenda remained virtually unknown. This audio contains Obama’s own words, not something rumored about him. Unless his ideology has changed–and there’s no reason to believe it has, especially after his remarks to Joe the Plumber–this is what the man really stands for.

I’m not telling you how to vote. I’m saying as Americans we owe it to ourselves to go into an election with our eyes open. I believe there is more at stake here than just whether a Democrat or a Republican will be our next President. With the liberal leaders of Congress already in place, this is an election that may decide whether America moves toward socialism.

If we are going to do this as a nation, we need to do it on purpose, knowing this is what we want.
Listen to the audio again. Words from the horse’s mouth. This is what Obama believes.

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  1. Sarah

    Hi Jeff, I wonder how “redistribution of wealth” is defined by different people. We can look at specific plans set forth to see that details of what that means. All taxation is a form of “redistribution of wealth.” So, both political parties support it, just in different ways. Two different tax plans. Both parties supported the $700 billion bailout for the banks and AIG. We already have socialism – it’s just that right now, it goes to banks, oil companies, and large corporations that get tremendous tax breaks (and now, bailouts).

    I’m not frightened that voting for someone who will increase taxes on hugely profitable companies (and the small percentage of Americans who make over $250K seeing a few extra percentage points being paid) will turn us communist. Nationalizing those companies, and forcing those Americans to move onto collectives turns us into communists! 🙂

    Instead, I think we may be going the route of Western European nations and Canada – democracies with much more inclusive social safety nets than what America has seen. What was spoken in the video was very close to the rhetoric of these western democracies.

  2. Jeff McQ

    I’m always glad to hear from you and respect your opinion, but I have to point something else out to you.

    I urge you to listen to the audio again. There is more here than the redistribution of wealth; it is about the dissing of the Constitution of the United States–something no serious presidential candidate in our history has ever done, nor would ever think of doing. Obama apparently does not like the Constitution as it is written, and he wants to re-write it to suit his purposes, through whatever means he can find to do it. How can he take the oath of office to uphold this document when he openly says things that oppose it?

    I understand your point about taxation being redistribution of wealth; that’s why I prefer as little taxation as possible. 🙂 I take no comfort whatsoever in our nation beginning to sound like Canada or Western Europe, because I don’t agree with the forms of socialism already being practiced there in the name of democracy. As to the bailout…the whole root of that fiasco runs deeper than I can comment on here, but suffice it to say I wish we hadn’t done that, or had to do it. I agree with you that that in itself was a huge step toward socialism, one I wish with all my heart we could take back.

    All that aside, however, I have to tell you that some of my aversion to Obama is subjective. I’m sure with your background you’ll understand this even though you might not agree; but I have a strong inner witness that there is more to this than meets the eye. I know there good Christians (like you and other readers here) who are voting for Obama in good conscience because they believe he will bring stronger social justice. But I think if we do this, we may get much more than we bargained for. Even though at times Obama has said things that I liked, that sounded even centrist…I cannot shake this feeling that something is not right about this whole setup. I never have been able to bring myself to trust him. Hearing this audio confirms some of my greatest concerns.

    I can’t help how I feel about this. If Obama gets elected and America *doesn’t* go down the tubes, I’d be glad to be proven wrong. 🙂 I just have some real apprehension about the direction we might be taking as a nation here.

  3. Lightbearer


    I have that same inner witness that you are speaking of. Like you I know what some of it is. But, you said it very well. There seems to be more there than meets the eye.

    In addition, he has too many shady relationships to be good for this nation.

    But, I believe even McCain would take us further in to socialism. But, the impact would be less dramatic.

    I do believe the election will turn out the way that the Lord wants. Especially with all of the people who are praying.


  4. Jeff McQ

    I am inclined to agree–McCain will probably take us closer to socialism, but less so.

    All opining aside, this has by far been the most complex election season I’ve ever witnessed–and with possibly more at stake than ever before. It’s crazy.

  5. Lightbearer


    I agree there is more at stake than ever before. Everything seems to be falling into place so that the prophecies of the end times can be fulfilled.

    And, it’s incredibly amazing how quickly it’s all happening. It is crazy for sure.

    The one world government can’t be far away.


  6. J. R. Miller

    Hi Jeff, some thoughts on each video.

    First, regarding the video on redistributive policy. After listening to the hour long radio discussion, I think the clips provide a proper context. However, the text over the audio is focused on only some aspects of the overall conversation, so listening to the whole thing is helpful. The last 40 seconds of edited radio clips are probably the least helpful as they, along with the text shown on the video, tend to oversimplify the points being made as part of the larger discussion.

    Obama does believe that social justice cannot be achieved unless there is a redistribution of wealth. I don’t think that makes him a bad guy, but folks should be aware that this is his judicial and legislative goal. If you believe in that, then vote for him. If not, don’t.

    Regarding the second clip on the constitution. I listened to the this second full hour discussion which was about Slavery and the Constitution. The clip is in not edited and comes at minute 45 of the radio show.

    HOWEVER, in the context of his full comment, I think Obama makes a good argument. Essentially he is saying that the Constitution was flawed in that it had a cultural bias that excluded blacks form the benefits of citizenship. You could find many abolitionists in history who would agree with Obama.

    I have some disagreements with certain aspects of Obama’s application of this argument, BUT overall I think his point was not meant to suggest that Obama hates the Constitution or wants it abolished.

    In college I studies some constitutional law and have always enjoyed the study of American history. Given my background, I found the whole hour quite enjoyable and if you have time, I would encourage everyone to listen.

    I should also note that I was planning a short series on this topic for this February’s “Black History Month”. I will probably use some excerpts from this conversation.

  7. Jeff McQ

    Thanks for your analysis and for taking the time to provide some context. I don’t think Obama’s beliefs in themselves make him a “bad guy” (his character can be evaluated by other means); but as you said, if you don’t agree, don’t vote for him. I REALLY don’t agree. Ergo, I’m not voting for him. 🙂

  8. J. R. Miller

    I wont vote Obama either.

    I am a Federalist and based on world history am convinced that powerful centralized government ultimately leads to repression (our sin nature dictates it).

    Obama will increase the power of a centralized government to control people’s lives. Now let us just assume that Obam is the greatest kindest man ever to walk the earth and run for President. Still, the governmental powers he wants to create will be there for the next man, or woman, who may not be so “trustworthy”.

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