So last night we caught a news clip that they were doing some on-location filming here in town for this movie. So today, we thought, what the heck…let’s go downtown and see if we can see anything. We honestly didn’t expect to see anything.

Turns out we were wrong.

Just outside the building lobby where I’m cooling off, typing this…The Wild One and The Director (not of this movie, but you know, our son) are still standing with a small group of onlookers. They’ve blocked off some streets, and have a bunch of cars from the 1950’s, and extras dressed in the styles of the day, walking and driving around the block, while one big black 50’s automobile with a bunch of camera gear drives the opposite direction and films them. It looked like Casey Affleck was in one of the cars at one point…and between shots, a young blonde in a white dress crossed the street, spoke with one of the guys, and ran back across.

The Wild One took a look through her zoom lens…yep. Kate Hudson.

Right place, right time….pretty cool.

UPDATE: Well, we took a look at the pics. Apparently that was NOT Kate Hudson. The Director (“our” Director) is still at the set, and the crew is telling him she was not there today. But that was definitely Casey Affleck. Josh got a good look at him.

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