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Pre-Christmas Ramblings


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For those of you waiting with baited breath for part two of “Dangerous Musings on Equality“…breathe. And don’t worry; it’s coming soon, likely after Christmas.

For the time being…it’s been a bit harder to post, because the closer we get to Christmas, the more my extra flower delivery jobs have kicked in. Lotssss of people ordering flowers this year (don’t get any ideas, I’m not telling you where I work). It’s a lot of fun, actually. What’s not to love about making people smile? But this time of year it gets grueling.

I really love this time of year. Yes, I know aaaallll about how we Christians basically “Christianized” a pagan holiday. But I don’t care; the holiday is what you make it. And neither do I get all religious about Christmas, or get hung up on the sacred/secular thing. When you begin living with the reality that all of life is sacred when you live it unto God…you can find much more about Christmas to love and enjoy besides it just being Jesus’ birthday (which is probably isn’t, anyhow).

As a present to ourselves, we are going out of town for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I’ll have my laptop with me and may continue to post here and there, but don’t hold it against me if it gets sparse over the holidays. You ought to be busy doing other stuff, anyway…you know, caroling, decking the halls or wassailing (look it up), and all that jazz. 🙂

Christmas is almost here….wait for it….here it comes…. !!!!

Musician. Composer. Recovering perfectionist. Minister-in-transition. Lover of puns. Hijacker of rock song references. Questioner of the status quo. I'm not really a rebel. Just a sincere Christ-follower with a thirst for significance that gets me into trouble. My quest has taken me over the fence of institutional Christianity. Here are some of my random thoughts along the way. Read along, join in the conversation. Just be nice.

2 Responses to Pre-Christmas Ramblings

  1. Amy

    Me too!!! I love so much of the Christmas stuff as well. I’m really not all bah-humbug-y or rigid with things that pertain to the Pagan side. Yes, I’m aware of all those “roots,” but I don’t dwell on it. I love all the lights, music, nativity, merryment, friendships, candles, tree, trimmings, red and green…and all.

    Jeff, I wish you and your family a blessed, fun and glorius Christmas, my friend.

    ~Amy 🙂

  2. co_heir

    I try to celebrate Advent along with Christmas. Not really separating the two but celebrating them side by side. The only thing I don’t like about about this time of year is the overemphasis on stuff. Presents are okay, it’s just that some folks way overdo it.

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