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I Actually Said Some Cool Stuff


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One of the more ironic things about me (please don’t laugh) is that before I began blogging, I never thought of myself as a journal-writer. I thought I didn’t really like to journal about because it was time consuming and I felt I had better things to do.

This self-deception was put to rest when a few years ago we were going through some stuff in storage, and The Wild One pulled out a box full of steno pads I’d filled with notes, most of which I’d never looked at since I’d written in them.

Illusion shattered. My name is Jeff, and I’m a journal-holic. (“Hi, Jeff.”)

So anyway, when I started this blog, it basically became my online journal, and the compulsive need to buy steno pads went away. Which was a good thing, because shortly after I started the blog, two office supply stores near me mysteriously went out of business. And the first two years of this blog, I wrote voraciously, almost every day. 1000-2000 words at a time, sometimes. Onlookers marveled, some people said it was too much information to take it all in. But I’d been through some major stuff, and this became my place to process it. And process I did.

But just like those dusty steno pads in storage, I rarely go back to see what I wrote. So I decided today to take a look back at some of my older posts.

And, not to sound too narcissistic or anything, but I was kind of impressed with myself. I actually said some cool stuff back there. Stuff I’d forgotten, that came back to enrich my soul when I went back and read it again.

So rather than try to think of something profound to write about today, I thought I’d throw some links at you–links to some of my personal favorites I dug out of the archives from the past six (!) years. There are a few really thoughtful posts, and a rant or two, and some silly stuff just for fun to break the monotony.

Bear in mind that a lot of the links on these old posts don’t work anymore. I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress a couple of years ago, so links to my own posts usually don’t go anywhere (although the links below definitely do). Also, some blogger friends have also moved or closed down their blogs. But the posts themselves are still worth looking at, thinking about, or maybe will give you a chuckle.

Here ya go:

Making the Unclean Clean.

The Strange Appeal Of Religion.

Feed My Sheep.

Thirteen Guys Walking the Countryside.

Why the Heart of Every Man Should Be Breaking.

Aaand, here are some more lighthearted posts:

An Interview With Myself On the Occasion of My 200th Post.

Me Do Man Thing.

The Unwritten Rules of Blogging.


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  1. Ruth

    You might want to check the links at the beginning of ‘Why the heart of every man should be breaking’!!! I’m reasonably certain they don’t take people where they used to!

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