I haven’t done much ministry-related travel in the past few years. I used to devote at least one weekend a month to visiting churches and ministering–sometimes alone, sometimes with the family. However, during the intense season of de-construction, it just didn’t seem like the right time for travel. There was so much changing so quickly in my heart and mind, and so many stories still being written, that if I had shared something one week with a church, by the next week I might have felt completely different about it.

However, in talking to different ones among our mentors, and in trying to discern the heart of God for this season…there is a consensus that it is a good time for us to do some traveling.

So. We are going to. 🙂 In the upcoming months, we will be scheduling several trips. And in the process, I hope to make contact with some of my readers.

Because we do see the church through a different lens than we used to, it’s likely that this will look a bit different than the “normal” itinerant ministry passing through town. Our desire is to recover the simplicity of “encouraging the brethren” the way Paul and company did on their journeys in the Book of Acts–being more about connecting with people, blessing the Body of Christ, and less about running the church circuit and “doing our thing.” I have no book or record to promote right now; I write a blog you can read for free. We just hope to see where people are at, and do whatever we can to encourage them on their journeys. And that will be the primary goal: encouragement. Through instruction, discussion, music/worship, or a combination of these…we want to encourage the brethren.

Now, this blog is primarily for discussion purposes, and will remain so; rest assured I’m not going to turn this into a vehicle for self-promotion. However, since starting this blog, I’ve made a lot of new friends, and reconnected with a few old(er) ones; and this blog happens to be a main point of connection. And that’s the simple reason why I’m mentioning it here.

So if you are part of any group or gathering that might like us to come, we’d welcome the opportunity to come see you in person. Size or type of group does not matter; it can be a home group or a more organized church gathering, traditional or informal setting, or even a number of groups within a certain area. If there are people we can encourage, we’ll consider it.

If you’d like more details and information about possibly being added our travel schedule, email me here and let me know what you have in mind. We look forward to getting out there, and we hope to meet you on the road sometime soon.

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