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I Must Defer…This Is A Post that Should Be Read

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I’ve often quipped that “pastor’s wives” are consistently given all the same responsibility as their husbands, with none of the authority.

I’ve not seen the plight of pastor’s wives stated quite so well as in Lyn Hallewell’s recent post. It’s actually a repost from before I entered blogland, so it’s the first time I’ve read it…but it is a must-read.

P.S. And what if the wife is the pastor?


Just a Few of My Friends…


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So as we approach the holidays, we also approach the one-year mark for the Losing My Religion blog. And as we approach that mark, I’m contemplating how blogging has changed and expanded my thinking and indeed my world. Last month, Cindy at Run With It asked us how blogging has changed us. I didn’t respond then, mostly due to time constraints and being generally behind my blog reading. But I guess I’m answering it now: blogging has helped clarify my own journey, sharpened my writing skills, and connected me with a whole range of new friends–people who in some ways think very differently than I do, but who are in other ways quite connected with one another in this journey. I think these emerging relationships are the best part of my blogging experience. (Do you like that I used the word “emerging”?)


Links of Note on the Lakeland/Bentley Fallout

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I mentioned in my last post that Blog-land is lit up with commentary on the Lakeland revival, particularly the recent news of Todd Bentley’s separation from his wife, in the light of his recent “apostolic alignment.”

Now, I’m not especially interested when people just use their blogs for useless venom-spewing, name-calling and mockery–even if I happen to agree with their opinions. To me, that approach damages credibility, and the only people that approach reaches are other people who are already likewise pissed off. But when someone shares an honest opinion in a fair manner and makes you think–even if the opinion is a strong one…that’s the kind of thing I think is healthy to the conversation.


Checking In, Randomness and Some Link Love


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Moonlighting (um, sun-lighting?) delivering flowers several days a week has been taking a bit of a toll, both on my time and on my blog think-a-bility. Just a bit of an adjustment…plus everytime I stay up half the night to watch a movie, it takes me a few days to get back on track. 🙂

Worth it, though.

So, just checking in to say hi to all you folks in blogland, and I should be back to my deep musings soon.

Here are a few links I found interesting this week:

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