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Teach a Man to Fish (and Other Things We Say to Make Ourselves Feel Better)


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This post is my contribution to Blog Action Day 2008. This year’s topic: poverty.

I feel like the global issue of poverty is one of those things I’m least qualified to talk about. I am not an activist, I’ve not been part of many relief ministries, except for one I’ll talk about momentarily. I’ve spent most of my life sheltered in the church, allowing someone else to deal with those issues. The most connection I’ve had with poverty is a measure of personal experience–which means I have spent significant amounts of time not having enough to make ends meet, knowing what it is to be in need. Some days I’ve awakened not knowing how my family would eat that day. However, even that sense of lack I’ve felt (which was painful enough) does not even begin to compare with what others in my own country have felt, let alone in third world countries. So even with the limited personal experience I have, my own lack of action makes me feel unqualified to tell others what to do.


Where We Are Leaning


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All you have to do to feel a healthy dose of fear these days is listen to the news. All this stuff about the economy, the desperate need for a bailout, the Congress defeating it, the stock market plummeting…I don’t even play the market, and don’t have investments there, and it’s enough to make me queasy. So I can imagine what people are going through whose retirement accounts and/or jobs are on the line right now.

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